Emmy Award Winner Alison Argo (EP 33: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

In this powerful ThanksLiving special episode of The Vegan Life Coach Podcast, I interview six-time Emmy Award-winner Allison Argo.


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Allison Argo is a producer, director, editor, and writer whose films have won six national Emmys, duPont Columbia, and over 80 awards internationally, including Genesis, Jackson Hole, NY, Banff, and dozens of awards from New Zealand to Japan.

Allison is known for her emotionally-charged and deeply personal films – in particular her intimate portraits of abused and endangered animals. 

The nearly two dozen films she’s produced, directed and written have all been broadcast by PBS and/or National Geographic and have reached audiences worldwide. 

The Last Pig continues Allison’s mission to provide a voice for those who are not heard– and to deepen understanding and respect for all beings.  

We had an intriguing discussion, starting with Allison’s path to film-making, which involved the incredible story of Ivan the Gorilla (which has a very happy ending)!

We talk about social conditioning, why we treat some animals as pets and others as food, and about the disconnects society programs into us from an early age (why are dogs accepted as pets, while pigs are considered food and sentenced to death), and so much more.

 I had the privilege of viewing Allison’s latest documentary, The Last Pig, prior to our interview. Allison’s mission for this remarkable film is to provide a voice for those who are not heard– and to deepen understanding and respect for all beings. 

The Last Pig was one of the most extraordinary films I’ve ever seen… Absolutely beautiful, and heart-wrenching at the same time.

Here is the film’s description:

In the rolling hills of Upstate New York, a farmer is in crisis: after years of raising pigs, he can no longer bear the ultimate act of betrayal. 

This award-winning film chronicles his final year on the farm, capturing in intimate detail the farmer’s personal upheaval as he questions his beliefs and the value of life.

The Last Pig is an immersive snapshot, a tale of choice, grit, and the changing landscape of animal agriculture.

The farmer’s inner reflections share his struggle to align life with values, and through the story’s simple intimacy, the farmer’s moral quandary quietly becomes our own.

I am not only blown away with Allison’s talent as a producer, but also by her authenticity, generosity, and unwavering passion for making a positive impact on the lives of all animals and the Planet.

I’m excited to now share an opportunity for you to see the streaming of The Last Pig and get access to a special, live Q&A with Allison and the Directors of the 4 animal sanctuaries who are benefiting from the ticket sales!

Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary (if you haven’t yet, you’ll definitely want to check out episode 30 with founder Anne Molina) has put together a package as part of it’s “soft launch” this week. 

The package includes a ticket to see The Last Pig as well as my latest Ebook, “Plant-Empowered: Reshape Your Body by Reconditioning Your Mind” for a minimum donation of just $10! 

$5 will be going to the other 4 sanctuaries and to help fund The Last Pig on PBS. The other $5+ will go to helping Hogs & Kisses, a 501c3 nonprofit that has been sponsoring farm pigs who are waiting for them to build what will be their forever home!

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The Last Pig: Website   

Hogs & Kisses Launch Package, Including The Last Pig Tickets and Ella’s Latest Plant-Empowered Ebook!

Ticket to The Last Pig Only (No Package)

The Last Pig Streaming Event Flyer

The Last Pig Trailer



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Letting Go as You Grow (EP 32: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

After some fun talk about random topics, from vegan hot chocolate, to doggie dental care, to Fireball (which took me back to college years), Stephanie and I dive into the focus of today’s podcast… Letting go.


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We have #MantraMonday to start each week with intention at Vegan Life Coach Academy, and last week the mantra was all about letting go. 

Stephanie wrote…

Today, take some time to think about what you have been carrying that has simply become too heavy. It is time to let go.  Let go of expectations, self judgement, anxiety, and loneliness.  It’s time to take a deep breath and enter into this week with the intention of letting go so that there is room for your growth and the new that your efforts and the universe are bringing to you! 

There are so many different areas of our lives where there is cause to let go, so we’re breaking the subject down.

On today’s episode we focus on relationships.

Check out the thread that occurred in the comments of our VLCA #MantraMonday post (we’ve changed the names to protect our members’ privacy…  

Maria: Thank you, I’m letting go of friendships that don’t serve my best self

Lilly: Ohhhh, I’ve been here. I’ve found this to be so hard when going through it and utterly liberating afterwards! Sending you strength!

Vickie: I’ve been there too, it’s such a painful place to be and it has taken me a very long time, especially to accept how such a deep affection could be transformed into something else, comprehension, jealousy and hatred at times. I am not sure I have reached a place of forgiveness yet, but at least I don’t feel so sad anymore.

Stephanie and I dive deep into the complexities of letting go of the people in our lives who are not lifting us up. 

I share my personal experience with my own energy and perspectives shifting, and how this sparked the realization that I was no longer willing to allow other people’s negative energy bring me down.

We discuss what people can do to be empowered to let go of relationships that aren’t facilitating growth.

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Miami Girls on a Mission – Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary Update (EP 31: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

In Episode #31 of the Vegan Life Coach Podcast, Ella checks in with Anne Molina from Hogs & Kisses Sanctuary for an update.


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If you haven’t yet listened to Episode #3 The Path to Opening Hogs & Kisses Animal Sanctuary with Anne Molina. You’ll want to listen to Anne’s fascinating story in order to get some background information that this episode builds upon.

The conversation starts out with some fun catching up and reminiscing between Ella and Anne. Then Ella shares her new ultimate addiction with us. They talk briefly about the mercury retrograde and the coronavirus before jumping into the update. 

They begin with the piece of land Anne and her husband decided to purchase. Anne shares she had her eye on it for a while. She and her husband looked at other properties but in the end came back to this one because they fell in love with it. 

One of the topics Ella and Anne discuss in this episode is all the amazing people and stories that have converged to make this project possible, including the previous owner of the property, and the special way Anne’s family is honoring the past owner’s family. 

Anne and Ella describe the amazing property and some possibilities for its use, a few of which may surprise and delight you. Plus, Anne tells listeners some fun, surprising facts about pigs. (I bet you didn’t know these!)

Then Anne updates listeners on the pigs, what they’ll need to keep the animals safe on the property, and some of the other animals they plan to give a forever home to. 

Before they can put any animals on the land however, they will need someone there, on the land at all time to ensure the animal’s safety. This is where Ella shares her incredible idea (that may change) with listeners: A tiny house, on the property where she would go and stay to help out with the animals.

What’s especially cool, is that when Ella started talking to people about the idea, she could not believe the response she received from people who wanted to help and also stay and take care of the animals. 

Anne rounds out the conversation with the overall vision of the property and the hope that they can open their barn doors to their four-legged friends this Spring. 

If you’re interested in being a part of Hogs & Kisses Sanctuary and donating to bring the pigs home please contact Ella or Anne. 

[email protected]


Episode #3: Hogs & Kisses Farm Animal Sanctuary

Hogs & Kisses You Tube Channel

Hogs & Kisses Website


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Finding Passion & Purpose Through the Process with Chad Weller

Chad Weller Guest Interview

Our special guest today on the podcast is former professional athlete, high Performance Life Coach, motivational speaker, and my long-time friend Chad Weller. 

In today’s episode we discuss Chad’s story of how he became a vegan. You may be surprised to know it all started with a bet… but it didn’t end there. Chad has been a vegan for 25 years! 

Chad’s choice to not eat meat empowered him right from the start, and he noticed quickly how much better he felt and how his body performed. But his journey wasn’t an easy one, as he had to overcome many misperceptions as a young male vegan. We discuss several of those in this episode.

Chad opens up about his addiction to drugs and alcohol and how his recovery played such a pivotal role in finding his purpose and passion. I asked him how listeners could find their passion & purpose. He said, “If you’re searching for it, it is within you. It’s a matter of turning down the noise and tapping into your truth, power, and strength.” 

Chad knows quite a bit about tapping into inner strength, as he ran ultra marathons professionally. And for Chad, running the ultra marathons wasn’t about achieving certain times or accolades but more about connection on a spiritual level.  This connection helped him stop focusing on the results, disconnect from the outer noise, and focus inward. 

If you’re looking to start running Chad shared these tips: 

  1. Get proper shoes,
  2. Focus on the things you like about running. Not on the things you don’t. 
  3. Give it time
  4. Just start, even just 1 mile or 2

Though running was a passion, Chad discovered his purpose when he became a High Performance Life Coach. Like running ultra marathons, Chad found running a career & business, isn’t about the results, it’s about the process. Chad enjoys each and every day because he chooses to, and because he has fallen in love with the process. 

Chad is currently working on a book, and his upcoming podcast.


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Ep #3: Hogs & Kisses Farm Animal Sanctuary

farm animal sanctuary

Learn the fascinating story about how Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary founder Anne Molina went from living as an omnivore, to not only embracing a fully vegan lifestyle, but also making the decision to dedicate her life to caring for rescued farm animals!

The relationships we, as humans, form with animals is far from limited to pets! Anne’s inspirational journey will not only help you on your path to a healthy, fit vegan lifestyle, but it will also fill your heart with love and joy.

Ever heard of a “micro farm animal sanctuary”?

Anne fills us in on the growing trend for people to create their own, small sanctuaries on their own land, where they can care for a smaller number of rescued animals. Cows, pigs and goats need plenty of land to roam, so many people are opening up micro sanctuaries with smaller animals, like rabbits and chickens, who can live happily on a smaller plot of land.

One theme for this episode is, “Live in possibility,” which is how we (I’m on the board for Hogs and Kisses Farm Sanctuary) are helping finding a permanent home for the 11 pigs we talk about on the show (what a story they have)… And that home could turn out to be Hogs & Kisses!

Make sure to also visit the Podcast web page to pick up our gift to you, send us a voice message with your questions, and apply to be coached on the show!

Sending lots of love and high vibes your way.💚


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Access a rough transcript of the episode HERE.

Why I Chose “Sexy Fit Vegan®”

I’ve been getting some push-back on the name of my brand recently. With comments on my Facebook posts like, “Why sexy?” and “Your a fraud, just trying to use sex to make money!”

I’d like to take a moment to address this criticism…

Many of you already aware that I knew from the age of 7 that my purpose in life is to save animals by spreading awareness about the cruelty that takes place behind the closed doors of factory farms. As a child, I thought, “If only people knew, they would surely quit eating animals!” I soon realized that it was, unfortunately, a bit more complicated than that.

I started to understand that people have been conditioned from birth to believe dogs are worthy of our love, while pigs are meant to be tortured, killed and consumed. Cats are worthy of sleeping in bed with us, while cows deserve to have their throats slit so we can eat their flesh. Dolphins are beautiful, to be ooh-ed and ah-ed at, while tuna are meant to be captured, canned, and consumed.

I also came to understand that many people do not WANT to know. Why? “Ignorance is bliss” right? Once you know you can’t not know. You no longer have the “excuse” of ignorance and must take responsibility for your choices. 

I created my brand, Sexy Fit Vegan®, in 2013, when the truth about animal agriculture (both the ethical and health aspects) started being covered in the mainstream media. The information I had been sharing with people for years, was finally being exposed in ways that could not be ignored.

The mission of my brand was clear. Bring veganism into the mainstream. So yes, my thought was, “What can I name my brand that will get people’s attention?”

The word “sexy” catches people’s eye. It does draw people’s attention, probably more than any other word in the English language. Given that catching people’s attention was my goal… Sexy Fit Vegan® it was! I was beyond excited to start building my life and work around what I’m most passionate about… veganism.

I did think about what the word “sexy” meant to me before choosing it. I’ve always considered myself a feminist. I had a mom who taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to. I’m grateful that my parents gave me the space and support I needed to figure out what was important to me.

When choosing my brand name, I thought, “What happens when I’m older? Will I no longer be a sexy fit vegan?” I quickly answered myself, “Hell yeah, I’ll be a sexy fit vegan until the day I die!” Here’s why…

True sexiness is a matter of how you feel in your own skin. It has nothing to do with other people’s opinions about your appearance. Feeling sexy starts from within.

I thought about how amazing it feels to align your actions with your true values. I considered how powerful it feels to move through the world fight for what you believe in. For me, that was a fight for the end of animal exploitation. Now THAT feels sexy to me!

Not to mention the fact that we’re human beings, and sex is a part of life. It’s part of our identity. Sex is not something to feel shameful about. So why is the word “sexy” sexist? It’s not! There is nothing wrong with striving to feel sexy!

I love what my friend and Plant-Empowered Coach, Stephanie said as we were discussing this topic. “I think it’s time that women embrace that their sexual energy is a part of their wholeness. It’s time to own the fact that being an empowered female is inherently sexual.” Males are certainly proud of their sexual energy… Why should females not be proud of theirs?

Feeling sexy is not only okay, it’s liberating!

That being said (full disclosure here), my immediate reaction to those who criticized me for using the word “sexy” in my brand, without bothering to get to know me and what I’m all about, was “F**k you!  I’ve been vegan for 24 years and have worked my whole life to make a positive impact in this world.

I use a tool I teach in the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program we call “the power of the pause” to take a step back, observe that F-You thought, and recognize that it will not contribute to my cause in any positive or productive way. Hence why I’m writing and sharing this instead!

I’ve learned that part of being a leader is having critics (a.k.a haters), and part of being a good leader is accepting that some people simply aren’t going to “get it,” and that’s okay!

My entire life is focused on empowering women with the tools they need to love themselves, overcome shame, live according to their values, and build a meaningful life, through my 6-Month Plant-Empowered Coaching Program.

A meaningful life involves using your strengths and skills to make a positive impact in this world, and there is nothing sexier than that!

Unlikely Vegan Duo Saving Millions of Lives in Bulgaria


An Unlikely Vegan Duo Has Teamed Up To Make History By Saving Millions Of Animals (and kids!)

Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things. -Denis Diderot

And it is exactly that – a great passion for compassion that has brought Ashton and Denitsa together in the Vegan Beyond project to accomplish a great thing for animals while literally changing the course of history.ashton and denitsa

Having pursued a successful career in the US fast food industry,

Ashton has always felt that his achievements at work could never be fully celebrated by his heart,

as the industry to which growth he was contributing was not aligned with his core values and beliefs. Nor were they in alignment with the moral standards he had set for himself in his personal life. Despite the fact that upper management quickly noticed his talents and skills, Ashton was finding the monetary rewards that were coming from his rising career position less and less satisfying.

This is how about six years ago he teamed up with Denitsa, an internet marketing entrepreneur and consultant, asking for her services to help him gain his freedom by developing his own business and life coaching practice. After a few years of efforts, they not only succeeded to the point where Ashton was a sought after independent Business and Life coach, but the duo had developed a soul connection that would drive them to keep joining forces for the greater good!

Denitsa’s background is curious and versatile,

as she grew up in a picturesque region of Bulgaria, spending the summers in a wildly beautiful village, where her grandparents were growing chickens and rabbits for slaughter. At the age of 16 she moved to Switzerland for high school, and then the UK, where she completed her higher education, only to get a taste of the corporate environment in a large international organization, and then go back to the country that was calling her so strongly in her heart.compassionate christmas

Already a passionate animal advocate, she knew she had to come back to Bulgaria, which was calling her with all its desperation

for young people, who are ready to stand up and be the difference everyone wants to see!

Some of her most vivid childhood memories involve 5 baby rabbits, who she rescued by bottle feeding and taking care of after they lost their mother.

At this very fragile age of four or five she felt a pain she could hardly explain.

Deep down she knew that she was rescuing these rabbits only to have them killed later on, but she was numbing the thought, as it was too much for her child’s heart. The reality she grew up with was telling her that it is ‘normal’ to slaughter animals not only for food, but for various rituals throughout the year that would bring ‘health’ and ‘good luck’.

One of the reasons that today, as an adult, she shivers at the thought of going to the countryside is because the tradition of ritual slaughter is still alive – even more than ever!

One of the WORST periods for animals is Pre-Christmas time when villages are filled with the screams of millions of pigs, fighting for their last breath

Denitsa will never forget sitting inside the house, hearing the desperate screams, while her father and grandfathers would catch the pig they have been breeding for a year, pull him out of his ‘house’ and forcefully tie him only to have him killed! She would then feel the smell of the burned skin, and a bit later her granny would bring her the cooked meat with a big smile. Even a meat-eater would find the whole thing extremely ‘inhumane’ and unbearable.

This is a scene most Bulgarian children experience many times in their lifetime, and a tradition passed from generation to generation. Not all are lucky enough to only hear the screams! The boys usually sit there watching it all, ‘learning’ how it’s done!

While in Western Europe there is a ‘trend’ toward sustainability, in Bulgaria there is a trend towards ‘going back to the roots’ which means more ritual animal slaughters than ever!

These count up to millions, in addition to a reported yearly rise in meat consumption.

If we take Mahatma Gandhi’s quote:

‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated’ –

as true, then, despite an impressive historical record (involving the salvation of thousands of Jewish citizens during WW2), Bulgaria is very much behind!

When it comes to the treatment of animals, the situation in the country is close to a horror story!

Not only that, but 99% of the population is in complete informational block, regarding widespread health and environmental information, involving plant-based eating and the environmental impact a meat-heavy diet has on our planet.

The Solution

Ashton and Denitsa have come up with a long-term strategy plan to eradicate this cruel tradition and literally change history by changing how future generations are being raised! Joining their skills, talents, and experience, they have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign for the establishment a One-Of-A-Kind Cruelty-Free Center that will target the problem at its very root! Various recent examples with Denitsa’s local network have given proof that very little is needed for people to re-consider their behaviors! Her dad gave up the killing of two lambs for the opening of his car repairing service; another friend gave up meat just after a few interactions with her, and many others are willing to re-consider after receiving a tiny bit of education!

The issue is that NONE of this education is currently existent!

The powerful Vegan Hub they are aiming to build in the place where a large leather shop used to operate will provide a multi-fold approach for a consistent, permanent change that will result in millions saved from barbaric, painful death!

It is a brave, but achievable goal, and they are urging all animal lovers, despite their eating style to join and contribute to the cause!

The New Life Cruelty-Free Food And Educational center will pro-actively instill change into the population through the provision of free lectures, seminars, workshops, printed materials, as well as an affordable vegan café and plant-based meal delivery service. This civil, peaceful, education-driven approach will be directed towards young families and mothers, who are the main decision-makers regarding meat consumption and ritual slaughters.

Ashton and Denitsa believe that anyone with even a drop of compassion in their heart would want to contribute to a project such as that.

Their slogan is…

Now who wouldn’t want to? I sure do! To support the cause, click here. Saving Animals in Bulgaria