I get asked all the time, “Why go vegan?” I want to share with you some of my reasons for being passionately vegan. Maybe only a couple of these reasons are ones you relate to, but if even one interests you enough to begin a path toward a vegan lifestyle it’s plenty! There is so much information out there on this subject it can be overwhelming. My goal is to keep the information as simple and straightforward as possible. I will provide links to more detailed information so you can learn more on the points that interest you. Most importantly, its time to bury all those outdated stereotypes that vegans are a strange breed of granola-eating, birkenstock-wearing weirdos. SO UNTRUE! We are hot, sexy, fit, healthy, conscientious individuals with a strong will and a huge heart!!!

1. Healthy & Fit From the Inside OutFood For Heart.

Eating a plant-based diet filled with a variety of vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, & legumes can not only help to prevent all kinds of diseases and health conditions, but if you have any, it can actually help reverse many of them! It is even widely recommended for people suffering from cancer to adopt a strict vegan diet comprised of tons of raw whole foods. So its never too late to start your dietary make-over!

2. Compassionate LivingPig Behind Bars

The ugly truth is that the factory farming of today’s meat, dairy, and egg industry is down right cruel. Family farms have been basically wiped out & big business, factory farming has taken over. The amount of pain and suffering the animals in this industry are going through every minute of every day is devastating. When I learned this 18 years ago, I was moved to start a life long mission to share the message and lead by example. It just feels wrong that it is legal & accepted to treat pigs, chickens, & cows this way, but if someone treated a dog in the same manor it would be animal cruelty with potential jail time? A couple great resources to check out are listed below.

3. Lose Body Fat & Gain Energy

woman measuring perfect shape of beautiful thigh healthy lifestyIts true, going vegan is refreshing, energizing, and gives your body all the highest quality nutrients it needs to be healthy. It cuts out bad fats & all the hormones & antibiotics you find in meat & dairy products, and if you do as I recommend & eat organic, non-GMO, unprocessed foods the majority of the time, you will mold your body into the sexy, lean shape you have always wanted!

4. Be Environmentally Responsiblewoman measuring perfect shape of beautiful thigh healthy lifesty

Abstaining from eating animals and animal byproducts is the single most important contribution you can make to save our planet. According to studies by the UN, globally, farmed animals contribute significantly more to climate change (from greenhouse gas emissions) than transportation! The amount of natural resources that are used to raise one cow that will feed just a handful of people is staggering. The vast destruction of our rain forests & pollution of our water supplies due to livestock is detrimental to our earth. Going vegan is one huge way we can do our part to preserve our beautiful planet for our kids and generations to come.

5. Vegan Is Sexy!!

Graffiti1-editEverything about being vegan is sexy as hell…. what’s more sexy than being in sick shape, having glowing skin, unparalleled energy, feeling constantly cleansed from the inside out by the fresh whole foods you eat… the list could go on! Be on the look-out for my apparel line to be sold on my website soon!