Ep #1: Rewriting Our Stories: Creating a Healthy & Empowered Vegan Life You Love

Celebrating Having Another Platform to Help People all Over the World Achieve a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle Through Empowerment!


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  • What we’re “bat shit passionate about”
  • How to identify the “stories” you believe to be true about who you are and what you’re capable of
  • How to take back your power, and rewrite your stories to create a lifestyle that brings you health, fulfillment, abundance, and freedom

We did it!!!🎉

I was shocked to get an email from Apple Podcast, within a week of applying, that our brand new show, The Vegan Life Coach Podcast was APPROVED!

I had been told to expect to wait 30 days, so to be honest, I thought I had plenty of time to thoroughly plan for the big launch.

That being said, Episode 1 has been released and I am SUPER excited to share it with you!

My co-host, Stephanie, and I wanted this first episode to be an opportunity for you to not only hear our unique life stories, but also to help you explore yours.

Stephanie and I share our “going vegan” experiences, as well as the personal challenges with food, body image, shame, and the lack of self-love we’ve each overcome in different ways.

We discuss the power you have to rewrite the stories that aren’t serving you, so that you can pave the way to an empowered vegan lifestyle you love.

We keep it real and raw, and dig deep while leaving plenty of room for you to laugh and play with us on this and every episode.

We want you to be intimately involved in ways that will help you absorb the tools we teach and apply them to your life, so we encourage you to…

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Sending lots of love and healthy energy your way.💚



Access a rough transcript of the episode HERE.

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A passionate vegan for the last 28 years, Ella Magers, MSW is a leading voice for revolutionary transformation in the fitness industry. Ella connects people with the information, tools, support, and guidance they need to develop holistically healthy habits, claim mental and emotional well-being, and live more fulfilling and fiercely compassionate lives. Ella is a professional speaker, published author, and coach. She is the spirited host of the inspiring Rise & Thrive Podcast and the Vegan Life Coach Podcast, founder of Sexy Fit Vegan®, and creator of the 22Reboot total transformation system. As a plant-based athlete and former bodybuilding champion, Ella was recognized as one of the world's top personal trainers by bodybuilding.com and Shape Magazine. Having healed from her own struggles with disordered eating, Ella Magers shows people that there are alternatives to crash diets and excessive workout regimens, and how to align their lifestyle with true health by using compassion as their compass. Ella is on the founding board of Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the mission of creating the best possible life for farm animals while inspiring compassion for all living beings.

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