Dear Introverts…

I wrote the following article on June 18th, 2022, four days after I returned home from my trip to the Temple of the Way of Light in Peru…

I’m coming to understand why it was necessary for our extraordinary facilitators to take the time and energy to prepare us for what they call the “integration process,” upon returning home after our 12-day Ayahuasca retreat.

As I understand it, explained by our shaman at the Temple, the healing power of “the medicine” (Ayahuasca) is activated during the ceremonies (we had six of these over 11 nights), and then continues to work over the weeks and months to follow in various ways. 

In addition to following certain guidelines, like avoiding alcohol, cannabis, psilocybin, spicy and ice-cold foods, it’s vital that we take time, and give ourselves space to process the inner-knowledge and discover information that will continue to unfold.

My overall intention for my trip was to recover from burn-out and my addiction to “doing,” release the blockages that were fueling my depression and restlessness, and embody inner-peace and freedom. 

Part of my “doing” addiction included being in a constant state of learning from people I idolize as top thought leaders, changemakers, and solutionaries, through books, talks/lectures, and podcasts. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with seeking knowledge from gurus who have devoted their lives to attaining, embodying, and sharing their truth in ways that positively impact the world!

The problem was that I hadn’t given myself the time and space to embody what I was learning.

Determined to break my destructive patterns, during the 12 days at the Temple of the Way of Light, I devoted myself to giving top priority to simply BEING. No phone. No laptop. No internet. No messages. No media. No contact with the outside world. No digital anything. 

We had ceremonies. We had group meetings. We had individual check-ins. We shared. We were silent. We spent time reflecting. We ate food void of salt, oil, sugar, and spices. We read. We wrote. We sat with ourselves. We sat with nature. And that was it.

Today I decided to go to a group movement session at my Budokon sensei’s backyard studio, which was to be followed by a potluck.

I realized about halfway through that I wasn’t ready to be surrounded by people, much less share my experiences.

So when the movement portion ended, and the potluck began, I quietly excused myself.

On the scooter ride home I felt a wave of emotion take over me. Tears started streaming down my face, and the thought, “What is wrong with me?” came into my mind.

It’s a thought I’ve had a lot throughout my life, only this time, it was immediately countered with my true Self saying,

There’s nothing wrong with you!

I then took a mental step back with my conscious mind, to explore the thoughts continuing to stream from my subconscious programming…

Why can’t you just relax and have a good time like everyone else? You’re insecure. You have so much to work on still! You made such a huge investment in time, energy, and money to go on that trip and now you’re back and haven’t changed a bit! What the hell?!

My conscious mind stepped right back in, and this time, with total confidence she declared…

You are who you are, and who you are is perfect. You are enough. So what if you don’t want to hang out with a group of people. YOU DO YOU! Let peace be your north star. You make decisions about what you choose to DO based on what aligns with you BEING PEACE. Fuck the “shoulds”. Fuck the thoughts that judge what you need to do to be at peace. Remember when you found peace during that 2nd ceremony? It was when you finally let go of what you thought you SHOULD be experiencing… when you let go of needing to be in control. LET GO. LET GO. LET GO!

And with that, I let go, and I smiled from my soul. I found peace at that very moment… The peace that I am, that got buried under the “shoulds”. 

I love spending time alone with animals and in nature. I love connecting with my spirituality through movement, music, books, and talks. I value spending time with one, or a few close friends. And I often get great pleasure being out, in settings where there’s great energy and many people involved, especially when we’re all focused on energy-based practices such as yoga, meditation, and dancing.

I don’t need rules or restrictions. I simply need to connect with, and follow, my heart. I need to value myself and love the human being that I am, unconditionally, and make the choices that allow me to access my inner peace.




No way!

It WILL get easier though.

Learning to let go is a practice, and practice I shall.

And now, for a letter to myself, and introverts everywhere…

Dear Introverts,

There is nothing wrong with you.

Who you are is perfect.

You are enough, exactly as you are.

We live in a society that venerates extroverts, and programs us to believe that introverts are less lovable, less valuable, and have less to offer the world. 

Fuck that!

Bull shit.

Let go. Let go. Let go.

You are lovable.

You are valuable.

You are powerful.

The world needs you.


With Compassion for All Living Beings,


Burn-Out, Insomnia, Psychedelics & More [An Intimate Share💖]

This will be the last time you hear from me in a while, and so I’ve taken some time to share a very intimate account of why I’m putting everything on the line!


Before I share the letter I’ve written to myself, which serves as a real and raw account of my current state of being and the journey I’m on, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you, my dear friends, family, colleagues, clients, and audience/followers/supporters, who continue to love and support me as I navigate this extraordinary phase of my life.

I realize that my choices affect all of you.

I want you to know that I have dug deep, and believe strongly enough that the decisions I’m making are for the greater good… Not only for my own health and wellbeing, but also for the benefit of all the people in my life, and ultimately all beings on Earth and the Planet itself. 

In the forward of the book, Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender, by David R. Hawkins, Fran Grace, PhD, states in the forward,

We learn that the answer to the problems we face is within us. By letting go of the inner blocks to it the truth of our inner self shines forth and the path to peace is revealed.

Other spiritual teachers have emphasized the cultivation of inner peace as the only real solution to personal difficulties as well as collective conflicts. “Inner disarmament first, then outer discernment,” the Dalai Lama. “Be the change you want to see in the world,” Gandhi. The implication is clear because we are all part of the whole. 

When we heal something in ourselves, we heal it for the world. Each individual consciousness is connected to the collective consciousness at the energetic level. Therefore personal healing emerges collective healing…. 

The crucial point is, by changing ourselves we change the world. As we become more loving on the inside, healing occurs on the outside, much like the rising of the sea level lifts all ships, so the radiance of unconditional love within a human heart lifts all of life. 

It is with this philosophy in mind and heart that I am taking what I’m calling a soul-full sabbatical over the next 7 weeks… A personal journey, detox, and adventure that may be both the most challenging, and the most enlightening experience of my entire life. 

I wrote the following letter to myself after having a session with internationally recognized Spiritual Channel, Laura Mirante, who channeled my higher self. 

I have decided to share this letter with you because it is an exercise I recommend to everyone who is ready to explore what it means to live in the light of unconditional love (which includes self-love). 

The letter is largely quoted wisdom imparted by my higher self (yes, you read that right!), which came through Laura during the channeling session. 

As I told my friend, Anne, after a text conversation in which she wrote, “Well you have gone wise on me💖,” to which I responded, “My higher self got channeled, and it turns out my higher self is quite wise😜 (for real – I bawled and bawled listening, and transcribed it and am reading it over and over – it’s insane).” 

If I’ve, “lost you,” by sharing what most people would coin “woo-woo,” I get it! It was not long ago I would have poo-pooed such a seemingly crazy concept (channeling).

The past couple years however, my focus, in regards to spiritual growth, has been on discovering the things I don’t know I don’t know. And the only way to open the doors to such knowledge is to release the notion that the reality we’ve always assumed to be the truth is nothing but an illusion. 

Our perceived reality is made up of programs that were installed when we were young. These subconscious programs create a certain lens through which we view this 3D world that we live in. We truly are living in a matrix, and the coolest part is that with the right tools, we can change our programming, and in turn write a new story for our lives.

Quantum physics (the science behind the Law of Attraction) is so profound because it proves that everything and everyone is made up of pure energy, and we have the power to consciously co-create our lives through our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions (aka vibrations).

It wasn’t until after spending a great deal of time studying the field of quantum physics that I was able to scrap the whole “woo-woo” judgment. When I did, it became clear that I had only begun to scrape the surface of self-discovery and true healing

I was suddenly able to tap into what’s possible when one’s consciousness expands in the absence of the need to be right, and the battle to be in control (or rather one’s perception of control, which actually keeps us in a state of anxiety and overwhelm… the opposite of in control)!


For those unfamiliar with my story, I invite you to read the blog series I released in 2015 HERE.


At the onset of 2022, in many ways I felt like I was in flow.

Physically, I was having a blast challenging my body in new ways, working toward advanced calisthenics moves (like press handstands, muscle-ups, and levers) while improving my mobility and advancing my boxing skills. 

At 41 years old, I was in the best shape of my life. 

And the best part was that the coaches and communities I was training with were in alignment with the energetic and spiritual path I was on (which is no surprise given the laws of quantum mechanics).

Career-wise, the Universe had aligned and connected me with Icons Incorporated, the founder of whom is an avid animal-lover. Kathryn saw in me the potential to make waves around the world with my passion and my voice. We partnered, built my new website,, and began co-creating ground-breaking programming that will be launching this summer.

I had built a fabulous team at Sexy Fit Vegan, and although it was a time of transition, moving away from previous business models, I was proud of the content we were putting out and our audience was quickly growing. Plus, I had the fortune of realigning with my animal advocacy roots by co-creating the Solutionary Vegan LEVEL-UP Podcast (you can follow us on Instagram)! 

Spiritually, I was on a path of exponential learning and growth. I engulfed myself in education on quantum physics. My favorite show was “Interviews with Extra-Dimensionals” on GaiaTV. 

I watched documentary after documentary, and listened to podcasts and lectures, learning from iconic spiritual and thought leaders like Nassim Haramein, Thich Nhat Hanh, Theresa Bullard, Terence McKenna, Ram Dass, Matias De Stefano, David Icke, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza, to name a few.

I began practicing breathwork and meditation, and experimenting with micro and macro-dosing of psilocybin as a tool for expanding my consciousness. My alcohol consumption dropped to almost none. 

It was at this time that I reconnected with a friend who had been on a similar spiritual path for much longer than me. There weren’t many people in my life at that time with whom I could have deep conversations about all of the things I was exploring, so it was invigorating for me to spend time with someone who “got it.”

We talked about all things self-discovery, as well as the ways of the Universe, quantum physics, and psychedelics. I shared with him that part of the work I was doing on myself was removing my emotional “walls”… walls that have made it difficult for me to make deep connections and achieve intimate relationships with other humans for most of my life… walls that I have been chipping away at for years. 

If I had to guess the reasons I built the walls, I’d guess there are two main reasons…

#1: I spent my whole childhood, in those years that are most crucial in the creation of our subconscious programs, being an outlier, seeing the world through a very different lens than just about everyone in my life. I saw animals as deserving of the same rights to life, happiness, and freedom as humans. 

It was like I could feel the extreme pain of the trillions of farmed animals who were suffering every second of every day, and it broke my heart (and still does). It was devastating to come to understand that few people were willing to open their hearts and minds enough to change their habits. 

#2: In college, I worked as an exotic dancer. At 18 years old, when most university-going girls were going to college parties, exploring their sexuality in teenage kind of ways, I was working nights as an entertainer. Walls were undoubtedly necessary to stay safe on every level. I dated drug dealers, one of whom ended up in jail, another who was murdered – stabbed to death. 

I found that, with this friend, who had his own colorful past, the walls quickly started dissolving the more time we spent together. I experienced my heart opening in ways I had never known. 

It was like I could feel the “oneness” after a lifetime of feeling mostly separateness when it came to other human beings. 

This feeling of oneness is something I have felt with nature and animals for my entire life. And now I got a taste of the feeling with another person.

In many ways however, my friend was a reflection of me. He (self-admittedly) had emotional walls up as well. Only his walls felt even stronger than mine. And his walls were not dissolving, at least not with me.


Following a lot of research on psychedelics, I found myself being called to experience the world’s strongest psychedelic, DMT. 

First, however, I needed to get off antidepressants, which I had been on since I was 16 years old.

In line with my proclivity to impatience, I weaned myself off the antidepressants in a much shorter timeline than recommended, and under no supervision (those who know me well won’t be surprised to learn this!).

And on a DMT trip I went.

For me, the DMT experience was remarkable in that it brought to life a lot of the spiritual concepts I’d been studying. It helped me see this world as the matrix it is, and helped me conceptualize the idea that we have the opportunity to play life like a game. 

Following the DMT, I began experiencing life both from an elevated level of consciousness AND without the chemical aid of antidepressants. I realized that I was navigating my thoughts and emotions from a totally unfamiliar place. 

At the same time, the relationship with my friend had shifted, and I was navigating this new terrain without the comfort of the connection with my friend. It was confusing, and in a lot of ways, I felt more alone than ever. 


It was also around this time a few more circumstances transpired, creating a perfect storm.

First, I realized that the burn-out I’d been fighting for quite some time, was something I could no longer ignore. It had been many years since I had taken more than 1 day off from work, much less taken a real vacation. I was working 6-7 days a week, 10-14 hours a day.

My creativity dwindled. I got up at my typical 4:44 AM every morning, and when I got to my computer, the overwhelm set in. It got to the point where I found myself staring blankly at the screen, feeling paralyzed. 

And second, I injured my spine and could not continue the training I had been doing so intentionally and with so much inspiration and joy. My training was by far my antidepressant drug of choice.

It felt like the fabric that was my wellbeing was quickly unraveling. I’d managed to sew patch after patch onto the underside of the fabric, which held me together for some time. 

From the outside, the fabric continued to look strong and aesthetic. Underneath however, it was scrappy, messy… It was coming undone. 

In the last few weeks, it seemed like I began finally feeling the effects of the antidepressant prescription medications being totally out of my system. 

Things got dark.

I began to experience a whole hell of a lot of emotions bubbling to the surface. 

There have been countless tears, and many times when I’ve said to myself, “I know this is all a game (life)… I’m just not feeling up for playing the game anymore.”

I feel like I’ve been hanging on by a thread these last few weeks.

I am determined to get through this without the crutch of getting back on the antidepressants (despite gentle nudges from certain friends and family encouraging me to consider the possibility), which means I’m choosing the much more difficult path. 

Ha! SO like me!!

However, I truly believe that doing my best to navigate life antidepressant medication-free is the path that will remove whatever it is in my subconscious that is keeping me from taking myself, my life, and my influence/business to the next level. 

So, being the proactive person I am (and with the awareness that I’m staying in line with my ego’s inclination to take action toward my goals), I have decided that what I need is to take a sabbatical of sorts…

With the total support of my business partners, team, family, and friends, I will be taking 7 weeks off from work and life as I know it. 


I will be traveling to the jungles of Peru for a 12-day authentic ayahuasca retreat the first part of June. 

For those 12 days there will be ZERO communication with the outside world. No cell phone. No social media. No email. An opportunity to be fully present and focused on discovery, healing, and transcendence.

As challenging as 12 days in the Amazon without any contact with the outside world, including 6 plant-medicine ceremonies, will be, I believe the toughest part is what I’ll be doing (or rather what I WON’T be doing) leading up to the retreat.

Now, for the most challenging part of all… the part that only my closest family and friends will witness in real time (I’ll share about it with everyone else after the fact)… 

I’m talking about the detox that starts on May 2. 

In preparation for the Ayahuasca retreat, I will be halting all use of cannabis for the one month leading up to the trip. 

It was thanks to cannabis that I was able to remove prescription sleeping pills from my life many years ago. 

I’ve suffered from extreme insomnia for 20 years. Insomnia is the crux of my existence… my greatest barrier to becoming my healthiest self.

To try to “fix” my insomnia issue, as a “doer,” you name it, I’ve tried it… From meditation and breathwork, to yoga, acupuncture, and supplements of all kinds. 

I’ve read the books, and I practice good sleep hygiene, and yet my body hasn’t cooperated. I haven’t succeeded at finding the “off” switch… figuring out how to facilitate the shift from consciousness to unconsciousness, from awake to asleep, without the aid of a drug (cannabis being my sleeping aid of choice).

The last time I gave sleep a shot without medication was well over 10 years ago. I went 8 days with just about no sleep. I turned into a zombie. I could no longer function and gave up (SO unlike me) returned to medication.

So… Here I go again!

I am doing my best to stay positive and hopeful that this experience will be different. At the same time, I feel the need to prepare for dealing with sleep-deprivation, including warning my close family and friends about the challenges I’ll be facing (and by proxy, the challenges they’ll face as people who love and care about me).

One thing I know is that as terrible as it is to not be able to sleep, the idea of continuing to rely on anything outside myself to be well, without going on this new venture, is worse.

In the two weeks leading up to the retreat, there is more detoxing to do.

In addition to cannabis, I’ll also be avoiding alcohol, sexual activiy of all kind, pscilicybin, spicy foods, ice, ice cold drinks, refined sugars, processed foods, sweets, chocolate, oils, carbonated drinks, fermented foods, and caffeine. (Avoiding most animal products/by products is also part of the protocol which of course have not been part of my lifestyle for decades.)

The recommendation is to continue the same recommendations for at least 2 weeks following the retreat as well.


I’m thrilled that I will be traveling to Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary during the two weeks leading up to the retreat (follow us on Instagram if you’re not already)! 

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to go help out with the animals and help celebrate the one year anniversary of when we opened our barn doors.

As you’ll read in more detail in my letter, my higher self made clear the fact that, 

The animals teach me how to be me… 

They teach me what it’s like to be intuitively inspired to be.
That’s why it feels so good, because they’re real. 

My fascination, my focus, my connection with nature is so much more than my mind has allowed me to know yet…

Saving the planet sounds like a worthy effort. 

Saving the animals feels like I’m saving a part of my soul.

So thanks to Anne Molina (founder), I get to have a more direct outlet and hands-on opportunity to nourish my soul. The timing couldn’t be better.


So there you have it!

Once again, I want to thank you in advance, for all your patience and understanding as I navigate through this time of extreme transformation and growth. 

For me, it all goes back to becoming the best version of myself so that I can ultimately make the biggest positive impact on the lives of animals who are suffering by the billions. 

My WHY keeps me going, and I’m so grateful for all of you, for believing in me and supporting me every step of the way.  

I can’t wait to share with you what transpires during my sabbatical.

See you at the end of June!

Dearest Ella,

I am super excited you’re here, at the precipice of major change, and you’re about to dive in deep because you know it’s worth it. 

You have what you need, even though you’re not even sure what you need, but be assured, the knowledge will unfold, and you will teach what you learn. 

You understand that you do not yet have the control of your mind that you know is possible.  

I know you believe you are open minded, but a truly open mind has no inclination to think it can completely understand any of it. It has no desire to set a plan. 

So where you thought you were open minded, you’ve actually been shutting the door with all of your ideas of what you should do, and what you should be. 

It’s time to listen to yourself… your inner you, not “idea you.” Idea you is full of it… full of ideas, full of insights and thoughts about what people need.

Yet, how could you possibly know what other people need when you’re still exploring who you are, how you work here in this reality, as a soul inhabiting a physical body, directed by a logical mind, programmed by fear-based generations, stuck in angry patterns of shame and guilt, remorse and regret.

You don’t embody all of those negative patterns, but you are a part of the collective psyche. You don’t shy away from the truth. And you’re feeling the need to address all of these energies in you. 

You are ready to embody the true healing process. 

There’s no standard outline for this. 

That’s what you’re gonna see at the retreat center… How important it is to honor how unique we all are. 

There’s no wrapping this up in a nice neat package. We’re more than that. 

Marketing has disempowered our unique expression of being. Our mental capacity to embody our divinity is negatively impacted by all of the compartmentalizing we do, by all of the categories we put people in. 

You’re a unique soul. Sometimes things that work for other people work for you. And sometimes they don’t. And you’re learning there’s not one stock answer for any of this. 

Your body is the vehicle for your soul. Your soul is pure energy – divine awareness. 

And the animals teach you how to be you.

They teach you what it’s like to be intuitively inspired to be. That’s why it feels so good, because they’re real. They’re not edited. They’re not distracted. They’re focused on being authentic, just simply perfectly what they are inspired to be in the moment. 

Animals don’t plan the next moment, the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year, the next decade, or the entire lifetime. They know better. 

Your fascination, your focus, your connection with nature is so much more than your mind has allowed you to know yet.

Saving the planet sounds like a worthy effort. Saving the animals feels like you’re saving a part of your soul.

But could there be more? Could it be that loving animals, having compassionate experiences on their behalf heals you? 

Of course it does. You already know that. 

So maybe, looking to save the animals is actually your soul’s way of healing you, which takes everything and shifts it. 

Because for a while, you thought you were doing something for someone outside of you. And it turns out that ultimately it all comes back to you. 

What does that mean? 

It means that there’s more going on here than you’ve figured out yet. And as you go through the healing process, you’re going to accumulate a lot of tools, a serious amount of awareness to process through, and realizations that will benefit everybody you work with going forward. 

This retreat will help you prepare to give yourself your fullest potential in a way that truly changes people and brings them into alignment with a completely authentic expression of their souls… And that’s your purpose of being. 

You’re here, now, confronting your ideas. You’re confronting your ego’s need to feel like you have a plan. 

You started the ball rolling. And now it’s rolling downhill and it’s building momentum, but you’ve lost control. 

This retreat is you stepping out of the way of it. This is your opportunity to learn, to breathe, and focus on nothing else but your breath.

Give yourself the grace you need to go forward. 

You are not alone in this effort. You are not alone in the resistance. When you fight your own efforts at attaining a state of mind, of calm, it’s not just you that you’re battling for.

It’s vital that you remember that. 

You don’t know them yet – the people I’ll be working with in the future – but you’re already taking up arms on their behalf.

Pay attention to the ego’s resistance to letting go. Because when you surrender into your soul, many will follow. That’s something you’ve always known deep down. It’s something your loved ones know. It’s something your team knows. It’s something your new business partner knows.

You’re excited to learn more about who you are. 

And be aware of the pattern, that in your times of self-doubt, when you see that when another person recognizes the power in you, you tend to give them authority over you.

Pause and release.

Know this… You have a brilliant potential, a brilliant energy of purpose that will affect many going forward when you are in alignment with the highest frequency expression of you. And only you can establish that in you,  and for you, to develop a state of being that serves humanity. 

So you’ll take this trip to Peru.

You’ll build your resource center and establish a state of mind of humility in service to your higher awareness. 

See every effort of your ego to control in thought the direction of your experience as an offense to your soul.

I invite you to stand in a state of neutrality until that offensive effort is diminished and dismissed.

Stand up for your soul. Fight the collective pattern in the human psyche that over-develops the material-oriented ego aspect of self. 

That’s you being the change. That’s what this is all about. If you can just understand that if you embody neutrality, you are the change necessary, and everything else will be available to you in neutrality of thought. You can get that. You can work with that. 

You can take the intensity out of each thought by knowing there’s something more… by knowing there’s a field of higher awareness available to you, beyond the limits of those thoughts. 

That practice will become your pattern. That patterning will create in you a consistent, intuitive, inspirational flow of purpose, direction, and intent to be. 

That’s you in a nutshell – a vehicle for the divine energy of purpose. 

And if you let go of thinking that you can think of what to do with that, you can be it. 


Your Higher Self

Time to Celebrate! (EP 100: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

Celebrating the closing of Season 1 with 100 episodes under our belts!


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Celebrating the closing of Season 1 with 100 episodes under our belts!
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Leveling Up to Solutionary Veganism (EP 99: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

To be truly solutionary, a solution must significantly and strategically address the underlying causes of the problem. It must do so without causing harm to people, animals, or the environment.


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Solutionary vegans level up by:
↗️ questioning the “true price” of their actions by asking, “what are the impacts of my everyday choices on other humans, non-human animals, and the planet?”
↗️ diving deep for accurate information (truth)
↗️ (inclusive) building coalitions by supporting and amplifying the many important, beautiful, diverse voices for change.
↗️ Prioritizing high-impact strategies that revolutionize systems
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In this special episode, Jennifer and I dive deep into our soon-to-be-launched “Solutionary Vegan LEVEL-UP podcast.” Here we explore the inspiring range of strategies used by animal protectors, environmental activists, and social justice warriors to LEVEL-UP the playing field for all Earth’s inhabitants. ⁣⁣
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The Art and Science of Journaling (EP 98: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

Here’s a little trivia question for you…  What do Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiVinci, and Frida Khalo have in common?  They all benefited from a daily journaling practice. The fact is, I could fill this episode with a long list of recognizable people spanning centuries and in all walks of life who have implemented journaling into their daily routines.


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This powerful tool is something we often require for our clients.  The scientific research to support journaling is extensive and compelling.  It is a key strategy for personal development for a variety of reasons.  Here’s what the research says:
  1.  According to a study conducted at Harvard, implementing a practice of journaling can increase productivity.  The reason behind this is that an experience itself is not where learning and growth occur. It is, rather, reflecting on the experience that actually produces the learning and growth.
  2. Another study conducted at Cambridge University found journaling improves overall well-being after traumatic and stressful events. Participants were asked to write about such events for 15–20 minutes resulted in improvements in both physical and psychological health.
  3. Other studies have found that journaling decreases emotional distress, improves sleep, helps us cope more effectively with daily stress, decreases intrusive and avoidant thoughts, and improves communication skills.
Clearly, journaling is one of the most effective acts of self-care. It allows us to make sense of the many inputs—emotional, external, psychological–that otherwise overwhelm us or cause us to shut down or lean into unhelpful distractions as a way to avoid.  We can bring our problems and destructive thoughts and leave them in our journals.
On the flip side, our journals allow us to reflect on our joys and all that we are grateful for.  It provides a place for us to record our inspiration, aspirations, and ideas.   We can write for our future selves.
Entrepreneur Derek Sievers says of his journaling practice, “We so often make big decisions in life based on predictions of how we think we’ll feel in the future, or what we’ll want. Your past self is your best indicator of how you actually felt in similar situations. So it helps to have an accurate picture of your past. You can’t trust distant memories, but you can trust your daily diary. It’s the best indicator to your future self (and maybe descendants) of what was really going on in your life at this time. If you’re feeling you don’t have the time or it’s not interesting enough, remember: You’re doing this for your future self. Future you will want to look back at this time in your life, and find out what you were actually doing, day-to-day, and how you really felt back then. It will help you make better decisions.”
So, let’s talk about how you can implement and keep this powerful tool as part of your self-care ritual. This is really the Art of journaling and takes the science and turns it into something that works for you.
Something we often hear from our clients is that journaling is just intimidating.  They don’t know how to start, and staring at the blank page is so uncomfortable. Other times, we’ve found that clients have let an established journaling habit go a bit stale.   So… here are some strategies to help you get started and keep it going.
  1. If you hear no other tip from me today about journaling, hear this one:  Forget all the rules about journaling and just do what works for you.  There is no ideal time of day except what is ideal for you.  Format doesn’t matter except what matters to you. How much time and space should you devote?  You guessed it…whatever works for you.  The point is, there is no right or wrong way to journal.  How you journal is much less important than why you are doing it: To get something off your chest. To have quiet time with your thoughts. To clarify those thoughts. To separate the harmful from the insightful. To prepare for the day ahead and review the day that passed. To practice gratitude in a tangible way.  And your WHY is personal and unique to you. So, I’ll say it again for the people in the back:   There’s no right way or wrong way.
2. Start small.  There’s no reason to set your sights on filling page after page of your journal each night.  Your journaling practice can start with one line a day or even three minutes each morning.  You could begin by simply listing three things you are most grateful for each night or a list of two priorities for the next day.  By starting small, you won’t say no.  It will be a task you will find exceedingly simple that you would feel silly not doing it, so you’ll do it.  For example, you might start with one line per day for a week.  You can write anything in that one line–something you’re excited about, how you are feeling, an event that took place, a mindset you want to attack, an idea you had, or an affirmation you want to implement.  However, you decided to start, start so small that skipping it would be preposterous.  You’ll know when you are ready for more depth and further commitment to this practice.
3. Journals can take many forms, and you may want to try a few.  You can do a bullet-style journal or a place to put your sketches along with a few words.  You might use your journal in the morning as a way to help you organize your priorities at night or in the evening to simply free yourself of the thoughts that are still cluttering your mind.  If you need some further ideas on formats, I suggest using YouTube.  Type in Journaling Formats, and you will find a wealth of specific ideas just for formats to use.
4. If you are having difficulty, try prompts or a guided journal.  We‘ve provided you with a list of prompts in the show notes.  Some of the topics are in-depth, some are light and silly.  You can use any format that you are comfortable with.  You might also find a guided journal is what you are looking for.  You can find guided journals that focus on one specific topic, like wellness, anxiety, self-discovery, building habits, and the list goes on and on.  One that I recommend that has a variety of formats is “Zen As F*ck” by Monica Sweeny. It is funny and a great way to help yourself not take life too seriously by letting go and embracing your inner rock star.  Of course, as you can guess by the title, it also embraces swearing just a bit, too.  I also recommend Start Where You Are by Meera Lee Patel. It’s full of inspirational quotes and prompts aimed at helping you be more mindful, reflect on your inner-most thoughts, and find joy in the small things. Prompts and guided journals aren’t just for those starting out in a journaling practice.  These can also renew your journaling experience providing a way to dive deeper and explore yourself a little more and in new ways through this powerful tool.
Give yourself this powerful gift of self-care. Marcus Aurelius (Aw-REE-lee-ius), Roman Emperor and prolific journaler wrote in one of his journals,  “People look for retreats for themselves in the country, by the coast, or in the hills “There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind…So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself.”

The Daily Dosing of Self-Coaching Segment begins at 13:55.


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Fun Time Q&A (EP 97: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

We haven’t done a Q&A in a while, so we thought it would be fun to do one for you!


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In this episode, Stephanie and I answered some of the great questions that have been coming in by email, on Instagram, and through the Facebook group.
Q&A begins at 17:54.
We covered everything from making affordable vegan meals/snacks, to top recommended documentaries for new vegans and vegan-curious, to an intriguing discussion about new vegan “meats” like Impossible Burger or Beyond Chicken at popular fast-food chains, and so much more!



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Own Your Impact (EP 96: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

“Mom, it’s just too big for one person. How can anyone make any changes that matter? Why try to persuade anyone to do anything when it just won’t matter?”


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The Daily Dosing of Self-Coaching Segment begins at 7:11.
Transcript (Stephanie):
Indulge me a little.  I love being a mom, and frankly, I can’t be humble when it comes to my kids.  If you’ve been a long-time listener, you know my youngest, Eva.  She’s 11 and quite possibly the most fabulous human being on the face of the planet.  She recently took on a project for her language arts and science classes.  The assignment was to write a persuasive essay on a topic in science that they felt strongly about and then create a presentation from that essay to give to her fellow students as well as her teachers.  The topic she chose was climate change.  Could this mom be any prouder?
After writing her essay, she asked for help with her presentation.  And I have to tell you, she was more than a little defeated.  She said, “Mom, it’s just too big for one person.  How can anyone make any changes that matter?  Why try to persuade anyone to do anything when it just won’t matter?”
And you know what?  I could relate.  I know you feel me when I look at the world’s biggest issues and wonder how I can even make any sort of headway…any sort of lasting impact when I am just one person.  The word insurmountable comes to mind.
But right behind those thoughts came three words:  Own Your Impact.
A guided meditation I return to often is presented by Davidji on Insight Timer.  And the message is always clear to me.  I am never powerless.  Though I may be one, I am not immune to the responsibility of doing what I can where I can.  I am the author, director, lead character of my own life, and with every breath, I have an impact on my world. If it’s to be, it’s up to me. And it is important that I own that impact.
In talking with our clients and others in the vegan community, I know the world often seems so heavy.  But, what I also know is that we have far more ability to make a difference than we believe we do.  Small, consistent steps have a lasting impact, even if they may not be noticeable to us when we take them.  You see, we have a tendency to discount our actions as not being enough to make a difference.  And in discounting our actions, we often throw ourselves into that destructive pattern of all or nothing thinking which paralyzes us from taking further action.  Can you relate?
But time and time again, history proves us wrong.  Let’s go back to the global issue of climate change, for example.  Why is climate change a global discussion with companies, governments, and communities making widespread green initiatives priorities?  Because Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in bring about awareness?  Because Leonardo DiCaprio made an Oscar’s speech heard around the world?  Partially.  However, these efforts would have been rendered meaningless if it hadn’t been for the individuals who for decades have led the grassroots efforts of activism.  Thousands of community members around the world chose to own their impact…do what they could, where they were, with what they had…to bring about change.  Their small, consistent efforts collectively, lead to global awareness and movement.  And yet, none of these individuals likely saw the fruits of their impact.  These ordinary people who we will likely never see or celebrate created the foundations for immense shifts in our thinking, awareness, and actions about the environment on a global scale. And for every changemaker on the world’s stage, there are millions of individuals who make a difference just by making simple acts of conscience in their everyday lives.
And this is done by owning your impact.  By being ever mindful of those small, consistent actions that you make daily as a matter of personal ethics and conscience you contribute to the world’s good.  You own your impact with every choice you make.  As vegans and vegan curious, we own our impact at every meal we choose through compassion and sustainability.  We own our impact with every conversation we have regarding our choice to live in compassion for all beings.
As citizens of our communities and of our world, we are responsible to own our impact.  So let’s take this to a practical place.   How do you own your impact?  How does this work?
First, throw out your perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking.  If the world needs you, and it does, you cannot get be bothered with irrational goals of perfection, becoming paralyzed by feeling that if you can’t solve the problem in its entirety, you cannot do anything about it at all.  Perfectionism leads to ineffectiveness.  Check out episodes 45 and 53 to dive in deeper here on taking care of perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking.  Great strategies there, if you find yourself paralyzed by these.
Second, choose speaking up rather than staying silent.  Find your voice. This is so much more than just vocalizing your position.  Your voice is your courage, determination, and authenticity.  If you are having trouble connecting to that, start by asking yourself three questions:  1.  How do you want to show up in the world?  Really design what you want that to look like.  2.  What is my deeper WHY?  Connecting to that deeper why provides purpose. ; 3.  What is holding me back from using my voice?  This is what is keeping you from using your voice and owning your impact.
Next, see your daily living as an extension of your purpose.  It is the small, consistent choices that create our impact.  We own that by living in line with what we value most.  Every word you say has the potential to cause a connection.  Every meal you eat allows you another opportunity to live compassionately.  Remember, you are the author, director, and hero of your own story.  By taking that responsibility and living with intention, you are owning your impact.
Finally, choose to do something that will make your impact real and visible to you.  Volunteer at an animal sanctuary.  Join a climate change activist group and engage.  Teach your children about your values.  Buy with purpose by choosing products that are vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free.  Donate your money to organizations whose mission aligns with yours. By getting involved, you are seeing your impact in ways that allows you to be connected to the change, thereby creating further desire to continue.
The truth is, everything we do impacts the world around us in some way. It may be directly or indirectly. Either way, not claiming ownership or responsibility doesn’t negate the impact. It only amplifies the risk of having a negative one. Therefore we must take ownership of our significance in the lives of others and the world around us.  You are powerful.  Beyond your imagination, you have meaning and purpose that no one else can give the world.  Own your impact.



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Getting Off The Train to Nowhere: Dealing Effectively with Anxiety (EP 95: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

In this special episode, after an update on Ella’s exploration of cold exposure and the vegan dating scene, you’ll discover powerful strategies to help you engage with the root cause of anxiety.


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Anxiety has been a relatively constant destination for much of my life.  It is as familiar to me as my hometown or any neighborhood I’ve ever lived in.  That fact is that as uncomfortable as excessive worry is, there have been periods in my life when it was actually more comfortable to be in an anxiety loop than to be out of one.  And if I was out of one, I would be worried about not being in one because that would somehow mean that I had missed something…I was late to the worry party…I was forgetting a key thing to worry about…I had missed the anxiety train.
I’m guessing there’s a number of you laughing right now.  First because, when said out loud, it sounds ridiculous.  But, second…because this shoe fits you, too.  You can relate to the endless hours or days of energy spent in useless cycles of anxiety, trying to be prepared for any and all outcomes.  You see, us worriers, we keep the world together with the power of our anxiety alone.  We have prepared for every single unlikely event by thinking our way into a frenzied state so that everyone around us can be calm, cool, and collected.  Don’t worry world!  We are doing it for you!
But let’s break this down a bit more seriously by looking at the thought processes that keep us locked in this train to nowhere.  Our brains get stuck when something isn’t quite tracking.  We have to come back to that incongruity over and over again because our brains like things to make sense.  When we engage in thoughts that produce anxiety, that is a signal that things don’t meet the logic test that our brains are built for; therefore we keep coming back to the spot where it doesn’t make sense in light of our experience of the world.
Most of our anxious thoughts come in the language of “What if…?”  We lean into the sense that something is wrong when the reality is that we are only posing the question to ourselves of “What if…?”  What if’s have no basis in the present and therefore, no basis in the objective reality.  What if’s are based in the future.  We are placing our minds in a future state trying to prepare for events that are not actually taking place.  We are trying to control the uncontrollable.  The truth of what if’s is that those gloomy scenarios and outcomes that we find ourselves trying to prepare for mostly never actually become reality.  BUT  the effects of this rumination DO become reality by taking their toll on our bodies and minds.
There are a number of physical ways that we can be completely hijacked by our anxious feelings and sensations within our bodies.  Headaches, digestive problems, shaking, nausea, tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, tightness and aches in the muscles, fatigue, brain fog…these are all physical manifestations of anxiety.  Anxiety triggers our sympathetic nervous system, flooding our bodies with powerful hormones which are supposed to be reserved for actual, in the present threats to our safety. Further, we can engage in unhealthy coping behaviors to deal with this anxiety that leads to other physical problems such as turning to unhealthy substances or overconsumption.  I don’t know about you, but I used to think a few brownies was essential fuel for my fight or flight response.  Oh Not So!
Anxiety, by its very nature, can be all-consuming.  We become overwhelmed with a sense of dread. We can be too locked into that loop that thinking rationally seems nearly impossible.
BUT…there can come those moments of clarity when we come to it.  We can control the destination and step out of the anxiety train.  We realize that though we may not be able to control every thought that pops in our heads, we can control our responses to those thoughts. In this way, we finally come to the proverbial fork in the road.  This is where we can choose to employ some strategies to bring relief and congruence.  We can get unstuck and get on to more productive thoughts that have a basis in the present.
Of course, one strategy that we teach our clients, and we’ve presented on our podcast is our self-empowerment coaching system.  This is a system that helps build a framework for challenging those thoughts.  I would encourage you to go back to those episodes and lean into that powerful tool.
But, sometimes you need some tools before you can get to the logic.  The first one I will suggest is breathing.  Simple, easy, you’re doing it anyway, so focus in.  This works because breathing is always in the now.  It removes us from the future state. Focus on the in and out of the breath by breathing slowly and deeply.  This can have immediate and major effects because it is actually calming and slowing down all of our entire systems.  By calming the physical effects of anxiety, it allows us the space to then engage with the root cause of the anxiety…our thoughts.
I would suggest doing this by using a self-inquiry method.  This is from the work of Byron Katie.  I highly recommend her book, Loving What Is.  And it is just a checklist of questions to ask yourself to challenge the accuracy of your anxious thoughts:
  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know it is true?
  3. What happens if you believe this thought?
  4. Who would you be without this thought?
This checklist allows us to challenge whether or not our anxieties are based on facts and reality.  It then asks us to reflect on the harmful effects of choosing to believe the anxious thoughts.  Finally, it invites us to analyze how much better we’d feel without the anxiety…who we would be able to be if all the energy we are using in engaging in the anxious anxiety loop were placed somewhere else.
Challenging the thought brings us the benefit of breaking free from the thought.  It becomes so easy to think that our anxious thought is what is really going on in the world.  But the problem is that that thought is only what we THINK is going on in the world.  Yes…there are real-life issues, but when our thinking is clear.  When we are present.  We are actually better equipped to manage real-life, real-time issues rather than being locked in those made-up scenarios in our heads.



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Intentional Joy (EP 94: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

Following a talk about Ella’s recent experience (intense!) surviving an ice bath, Stephanie dives into a spectacular training on cultivating intentional joy…


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In a recent article, Reese Witherspoon posted some daily life improvements that she’s incorporating this year, including 1) Start the day with a big glass of water; 2)  Get 10 minutes of outdoor light; 3) Read for 60 min without destruction; 4) In bed by 10 getting 8 hours of sleep at night.
Ina Garten responded saying, “That sounds great but I’m probably not doing any of these things, LOL. My formula is easier to follow. 1) Drink more large Cosmos; 2) Stay up late watching addictive streaming series; 3) Stay in bed in the morning playing Soduko; 4) Spend more time with the people I love.  I do what I can in a pandemic.”
Of course, both lists are great.  But I think they come with two very different purposes.  The first from a place of self-improvement.  And the second from a place of genuinely sneaking in intentional bits of joy.
I think a lot of time we tend to look at ways to make our days happier by simply inverting what makes us unhappy.  We spend time trying to minimize the impact of unhappiness.  Essentially, we ask ourselves how can I prevent myself from becoming unhappy?  That seems a little shortsighted when you consider how that type of negativity impacts us daily.  Yes, we can build resilience and coping mechanisms to deal with that impact, but that’s not quite the same as being intentional about cultivating moments of joy, is it?
Joy is an experience of intensely positive feeling, usually characterized by a mixture of excitement and connection. (Dr. Nick Wgnall, a clinical psychologist who has a great podcast called Minds and Mics.)
Let’s pull this apart a bit.  Using this definition, Joy is an acute, relatively short-lived experience.  We experience moments of joy. Secondly, joy is intensely positive. It is above our baseline…above our normal state of happiness or daily living. It is experienced as a burst of intense positivity.
Looking further, joy is usually characterized by a mixture of excitement and connection.  Excitement can be experienced as passion, curiosity, stimulation, awe; while connection could be friendship or love between people or a sense of belonging with the world, nature, the universe, or even simply yourself.
So, by using this definition, we can provide ourselves a framework for intentionally building moments of joy into our daily life.  I would love to be able to give you a step-by-step strategy for this, but the truth is, being intentional about creating joy will require you to do a lot of introspection.  Joy is such a personal experience.  So, instead, let me provide you with a framework so that you can begin to point yourself in a direction to cultivate these moments for yourself.
Ask yourself some questions and take some notes on your answers:
What are my most authentic preferences in life? What do I really want?
This is an important question because so often what we decide we want is actually influenced by what others around us want or what we think we should want.  Do you enjoy playing softball or is that something your parents thought was a good activity and you’ve continued it into adulthood?  Do you like to hike or is it something that your spouse loves?  Not to say you can’t choose activities for other reasons, but we are talking about cultivating joyful moments for you so they must be authentically what you want and value.  If you find that you are often doing things that don’t come from a place of authenticity, maybe it’s time to shake things up!
Second Question:  What circumstances will allow me to experience my authentic preferences?
Oftentimes, the potential for joy in our most authentic preferences is dependent on the right circumstances.  Therefore, we must set ourselves up for these circumstances.  Be thoughtful about the people, situations, and environments in our lives and how they impact us when cultivating moments of joy.  If you enjoy that first cup of coffee alone in a still house, don’t wake up last minute and settle for convenience store coffee on your morning commute.  If you love to play Pickleball, don’t play with people who are hyper-competitive and will not allow you to simply enjoy the game.  Choose your circumstances along with your preferences for those moments of joy!
Finally:  What changes can I make in my life so that I spend more time in conducive circumstances enjoying my authentic preferences?
This might be the most challenging…bringing it all together.  But, here’s the real hope here!  Don’t get trapped into all or nothing thinking.  Inviting more joy into your life does not mean you need to turn your current life upside down. Find where you can make small changes to invite these moments in.
For example, say that your passion is playing jazz piano; however, you haven’t made time for that in many years.  The impact of the joyful moments that playing jazz piano will not diminish just because you cannot devote your entire life to playing.  Instead, finding ways to enjoy playing jazz piano in increments will increase your joyful experience by adding those moments to your life. Maybe that means spending 30 minutes at the piano every evening after dinner rather than watching tv.  Maybe that includes signing up for a jazz workshop on the weekend rather than taking the family camping trip you only kind of enjoy.
So, while I don’t have an entire strategy for you, I do have this urging.  After asking yourself these questions, try something.  Sneak that snuggle in with your sweet pup.  Blow off your latest book you “should” read for an indulgent novel.  Forget the yard work and go have brunch with your bestie every Sunday morning.  Build these rituals of joy into the framework of your life and see the impact they have on the quality of your living.


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Sean Russell is Making SoFlo a Global Hotspot for Veganism (EP 93: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

I had the pleasure of hangin’ with SoFlo Vegan Founder Sean Russell for this inspirational episode.


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A dynamic entrepreneur with a knack for building communities, Sean Russell is a multifaceted professional with a vast background in technology, education, journalism, entertainment, and vegan advocacy. His track record as a vocal leader and storyteller includes 25 years of combined experience in public education and multimedia communications.
Sean’s career in education began at Broward County Public Schools where he served in various roles throughout his 16-year stint, including as a teacher, counselor, technology specialist, and administrator. During his tenure, he developed and managed the county’s first school-operated summer camp program and went on to serve as the district webmaster, coordinating marketing and communication initiatives for the sixth-largest school district in the country.
Pursuing his lifelong dream of entrepreneurship and boasting more than 10,000 hours of experience producing websites, graphics, podcasts, videos, live events, and managing organizations, Sean founded Lesaruss Media in 2007. His first broadcast venture under the Lesaruss flag, Anime 3000, produced six different podcast series focused on anime and manga, airing over 2,000 episodes and garnering one million downloads. He later co-founded music channel TopSpot USA, for which he managed and interviewed more than 300 artists including Neyo, Tyga, Pete Wentz, Fat Joe, and Jeffree Star. Other projects included work with premier entertainment brands such as Nickelodeon, Live Nation, Def Jam, Sony, and Nintendo.
Furthering his work in community advocacy and pioneering a hub for plant-based living in South Florida, Sean managed marketing and event production for FATVillage and the MASS District – Fort Lauderdale’s budding neighborhoods for culture, arts, and technology – as well as for Animal Hero Kids, a local nonprofit educating kids on animal welfare.
In 2017, Sean launched SoFlo Vegans, a multichannel platform and community with the mission of making South Florida a global hotspot for veganism. In this capacity, Sean has built a network of more than 250 partners and a reach of over 100,000 people each month. As a result, SoFlo Vegans has helped to propel vegan businesses across the region and has been a key player in producing and supporting over 200 events including Seed Food & Wine Festival, Vegan Block Party, and Heal the Planet Day.
Sean is a sought-after media voice, inspirational speaker, and guest lecturer. His featured appearances include profiles and contributions in outlets such as NBC News, Crunchyroll, Miami New Times, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, VegWorld Magazine, and more. Recently Sean appeared as a contestant on the hit ABC game show, The Hustler.
Currently, Sean serves as the CEO of Lesaruss Media, merging his expertise in community building, marketing, events, and media production to deliver results for clients in the verticals of veganism, education, and entertainment.
Sean is a graduate of Florida International University, where he majored in television production and minored in education.



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