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3 Top Tips for Traveling Like a Sexy Fit Vegan Pro

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Traveling as a vegan has become DRAMATICALLY easier the last couple of years (I would know, as I’ve been a traveling vegan for 24 years!) Even airports are starting to get on board the vegan train thanks in part to the mass distribution of products like the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger, which are […]

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Why You’ll Never Arrive at Your Happy Place (And Why This is Good News!)


If you’re waiting to “arrive” at a place of happiness, free from all the damn problems keeping you stuck in stress-mode I’ve got good and bad news for you… Which do you want first?I’ll start with the bad… You will NEVER arrive at that happy place!And now for the good… You will NEVER arrive at […]

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Lessons from “Those People” Who Walk Their Dogs in Strollers

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I have a fun little story with a huge life lesson to share with you…It was a Saturday afternoon and I had just finished kickboxing class, riding my post-workout high.I started on the walk to my boyfriend’s place with my chihuahua Shye. Shye is about 12 years old with a huge personality and the spirit […]

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The Extraordinary Gifts of Loneliness

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I’d been wanting to crawl out of my own skin for weeks.   My generally humorous approach to life had left me shivering in my own unbidden sadness. My normal focused and analytical head was traded for a mush-mind that I did not recognize. I felt as if I were simply walking through my days […]

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