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A Dog Adoption Story…. Meet Vegan Fiona

Standard Vegan Lifestyle

Just over 6 months ago (on November 10, 2023) my fur baby, Shye (who was a vegan dog for over 15 years) crossed the rainbow bridge. If you haven’t read the blog post I wrote about our story yet, I invite you to check it out HERE, as it’s quite entertaining and heartwarming.  If you’ve […]

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The Evolution of Sexy Fit Vegan: 2024

Sexy Fit Vegan

Sexy Fit Vegan® exists to help vegan, vegan-curious, and vegan-friendly humans discover their blind spots, find freedom from unhealthy patterns, connect with their higher selves and become holistically healthy and fit, so they can create harmony and align their lifestyle with personal and planetary peace.  The BIRTH OF SEXY FIT VEGAN® The year was 2013, […]

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Magic Mushroom Diaries: Celebrating 2 Years Antidepressant Medication-Free


Since this is my first Magic Mushroom Diaries Entry (in the form of a public blog post that is), I’ll give you a little background… On February 5th, 2024 I’ll be celebrating my 2 year anniversary for getting off antidepressant meds. In 1996, at the age of 16, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. […]

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Veganuary Special Recipe! Purple Sweet Potato: Loaded with Love

Vegan Lifestyle Vegan Recipes

When Veganuary’s communications coordinator, Michelle Valoz, reached out to ask if I’d like to collaborate on an Instagram reel in January… I was thrilled for the opportunity to encourage thousands of people to adopt a plant-based diet and embrace a vegan lifestyle through their non-profit platform! She let me know that Veganuary gathered a panel […]

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