Vegan Fitness Expert Ella Magers shares going vegan tips for a healthy, sexy fit body without harming animals! Vegan Diet Plan | Vegan For Beginners

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The Self Empowered Coaching System

The Self-Empowerment Coaching System: How to Reprogram Your Mind

Empowerment Going Vegan Tips Podcast

You are going to want to stop multitasking, because in today’s training we’re explaining a tool we call the Self-Empowerment Coaching System, or SECS for short (and yes, we like to pronounce it “sex”)! The Self-Empowerment Coaching System is the tool that we base all of our mindset work on… And our mindset work translates […]

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The Healing Power of Food with Allison Melody

Empowerment Podcast Vegan Lifestyle Vegan Nutrition

Each one of us has our own unique vegan story, and today’s guest, Allison Melody, will leave you with chills, and inspire you to look differently at the food on your plate.  Allison shares her powerful story of how she lost both her parents to cancer and set out on her journey to a vegan […]

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From Tragedy to Enlightenment with Bodybuilder Champion & Vegan Geoff Palmer

Empowerment Podcast Vegan Fitness Vegan Lifestyle Vegan Nutrition

Some stories are so powerful and extraordinary they must be shared. And today’s podcast guest is no exception… Vegan Geoff Palmer takes us on his journey from tragedy to enlightenment. A veteran vegan of 35 years, Geoff Palmer, is natural bodybuilding and physique masters champion. He’s the owner of Clean Machine, plant-based fitness nutrition, vegan […]

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transforming with vegan lifestyle

Ep #4: The Secret for Transforming Your Body & Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle you Love

Empowerment Going Vegan Tips Podcast Vegan Lifestyle

Are you tired of all the claims out there promising you transformation as you seek help on your path to adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle? (I know I am!) The word “transformation” is often thrown around by personal trainers making promises about helping people achieve the lean, fit body they’ve always wanted. What these trainers […]

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