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How to Build a Kick-Ass Plant-Strong Body

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Top 7 Vegan Thanksgiving Swaps

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I’m writing this post about vegan Thanksgiving swaps for anyone who, like me, is choosing convenience this holiday season! Maybe you can relate to some degree… As many of you can imagine from reading my story, “From Disordered Eating to Plant-Empowered Living,” the holiday season used to be an incredibly stressful time because of all […]

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Top 2 Reasons Yogis are Going Vegan in 2017

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It’s easy to leave our yoga practice behind on the mat, but for a truly integrative approach to health and spirituality, more and more yogis are going vegan. Because of the belief in ahimsa, non-violence, and karma, the idea that all of our thoughts and actions have a reaction in the universe, many people of […]

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Top 5 Plants for Hormone Balance

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Many plants have hormone-balancing properties, and consuming them can be helpful if you’re experiencing symptoms related to imbalances. Hormones are our bodies’ chemical agents for regulating the various biological functions. However, sometimes the endocrine glands that produce these hormones don’t perform at optimum levels, causing hormonal imbalance. This can happen due to disease, environmental factors, […]

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From Disordered Eating to Plant-Empowered Living Part 5

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We ended part 4 with the question, “If you were so passionate about animal rights Ella, why weren’t you out there taking action and protesting?” To answer, we have to take it back to my middle and high school years. As I kept uncovering the reality of abuse taking place behind the closed doors of […]

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