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How to Create the Plant-Empowered Life You've Always Wanted

My Vegan Story


Why Self-Love is the Ultimate Gift to the World

Empowerment Vegan Lifestyle

My yoga teacher instructed the class to give yourself a big hug and say, “I love me!” the other day. Most people in the class giggled, a few people rolled their eyes, and a couple others took the request very seriously. What would you have done? I was a giggler. A few years ago I […]

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Beyond Survival… How to Thrive As a Vegan Over the Holidays

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the holiday season was a time when you were able to simply focus on spreading love, experiencing joy, and spending valuable time with family? How incredible would it feel to be free from all the extra pressure you put on yourself to make sure everyone else is happy? What would […]

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My Holiday Confession

Empowerment Holistic Health Vegan Lifestyle

For my entire adult life, up until just a couple years ago, holidays were a huge source of stress and anxiety for me. If you’re thinking, “That’s the case for almost everyone,” I agree! However, the stress and anxiety I experienced was not over gifts, travel, or spending time with family. Although it did involve […]

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Vegan Dating

Diaries of a Dating Vegan (Me)!

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Until a couple months ago I had been on a dating hiatus, putting all my vibrant vegan energy into my incredibly rewarding work transforming lives with the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program. In fact, my last relationship ended over three years ago!  Looking back, was I disappointed when we broke up? Yes. Was it a shock? Not […]

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