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The New Kind of Beautiful

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We live in a society obsessed with outer beauty. We are all about our Facebook image, our Instagram likes, living off complements, needing the latest fashion trends, constant dieting, the magic pill, cream, and solution to all our problems. We get so fixed on our outer appearance that we ignore our inner soul’s cry for […]

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Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey

4 Steps for a Vegan Thanksgiving to Remember (Forget Surviving… Thrive!)

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and if you’re newly committed to a healthy vegan lifestyle, you may be a bit stressed about surviving Thanksgiving surrounded by omnivores! Amanda, a client in my 6-Month Plant-Empowered Coaching Program came to me with some concerns about the upcoming holiday season, and maybe you are thinking it too… “How am […]

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Mindful Eating: Why and How

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What comes to mind when you hear the term, “mindful eating”? For much of my adult life, eating was either about controlling the appearance of my body or numbing negative emotion. The transformation I went through however, completely changed the way I experience food! (If you’d like to learn more about my personal journey, click HERE.)Eating mindfully […]

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My Story in a Nutshell

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PART I It all started when I was seven years old.  My mom had picked me up after school to take me to gymnastics practice and asked how my day was. I told her we had learned about Daniel Boone (in case you don’t know, Daniel Boone was one of our first American folk heroes […]

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