Emmy Award Winner Alison Argo (EP 33: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

In this powerful ThanksLiving special episode of The Vegan Life Coach Podcast, I interview six-time Emmy Award-winner Allison Argo.


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Allison Argo is a producer, director, editor, and writer whose films have won six national Emmys, duPont Columbia, and over 80 awards internationally, including Genesis, Jackson Hole, NY, Banff, and dozens of awards from New Zealand to Japan.

Allison is known for her emotionally-charged and deeply personal films – in particular her intimate portraits of abused and endangered animals. 

The nearly two dozen films she’s produced, directed and written have all been broadcast by PBS and/or National Geographic and have reached audiences worldwide. 

The Last Pig continues Allison’s mission to provide a voice for those who are not heard– and to deepen understanding and respect for all beings.  

We had an intriguing discussion, starting with Allison’s path to film-making, which involved the incredible story of Ivan the Gorilla (which has a very happy ending)!

We talk about social conditioning, why we treat some animals as pets and others as food, and about the disconnects society programs into us from an early age (why are dogs accepted as pets, while pigs are considered food and sentenced to death), and so much more.

 I had the privilege of viewing Allison’s latest documentary, The Last Pig, prior to our interview. Allison’s mission for this remarkable film is to provide a voice for those who are not heard– and to deepen understanding and respect for all beings. 

The Last Pig was one of the most extraordinary films I’ve ever seen… Absolutely beautiful, and heart-wrenching at the same time.

Here is the film’s description:

In the rolling hills of Upstate New York, a farmer is in crisis: after years of raising pigs, he can no longer bear the ultimate act of betrayal. 

This award-winning film chronicles his final year on the farm, capturing in intimate detail the farmer’s personal upheaval as he questions his beliefs and the value of life.

The Last Pig is an immersive snapshot, a tale of choice, grit, and the changing landscape of animal agriculture.

The farmer’s inner reflections share his struggle to align life with values, and through the story’s simple intimacy, the farmer’s moral quandary quietly becomes our own.

I am not only blown away with Allison’s talent as a producer, but also by her authenticity, generosity, and unwavering passion for making a positive impact on the lives of all animals and the Planet.

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