Miami Girls on a Mission – Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary Update (EP 31: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

In Episode #31 of the Vegan Life Coach Podcast, Ella checks in with Anne Molina from Hogs & Kisses Sanctuary for an update.


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If you haven’t yet listened to Episode #3 The Path to Opening Hogs & Kisses Animal Sanctuary with Anne Molina. You’ll want to listen to Anne’s fascinating story in order to get some background information that this episode builds upon.

The conversation starts out with some fun catching up and reminiscing between Ella and Anne. Then Ella shares her new ultimate addiction with us. They talk briefly about the mercury retrograde and the coronavirus before jumping into the update. 

They begin with the piece of land Anne and her husband decided to purchase. Anne shares she had her eye on it for a while. She and her husband looked at other properties but in the end came back to this one because they fell in love with it. 

One of the topics Ella and Anne discuss in this episode is all the amazing people and stories that have converged to make this project possible, including the previous owner of the property, and the special way Anne’s family is honoring the past owner’s family. 

Anne and Ella describe the amazing property and some possibilities for its use, a few of which may surprise and delight you. Plus, Anne tells listeners some fun, surprising facts about pigs. (I bet you didn’t know these!)

Then Anne updates listeners on the pigs, what they’ll need to keep the animals safe on the property, and some of the other animals they plan to give a forever home to. 

Before they can put any animals on the land however, they will need someone there, on the land at all time to ensure the animal’s safety. This is where Ella shares her incredible idea (that may change) with listeners: A tiny house, on the property where she would go and stay to help out with the animals.

What’s especially cool, is that when Ella started talking to people about the idea, she could not believe the response she received from people who wanted to help and also stay and take care of the animals. 

Anne rounds out the conversation with the overall vision of the property and the hope that they can open their barn doors to their four-legged friends this Spring. 

If you’re interested in being a part of Hogs & Kisses Sanctuary and donating to bring the pigs home please contact Ella or Anne. 

[email protected]


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