Ep #3: Hogs & Kisses Farm Animal Sanctuary

farm animal sanctuary

Learn the fascinating story about how Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary founder Anne Molina went from living as an omnivore, to not only embracing a fully vegan lifestyle, but also making the decision to dedicate her life to caring for rescued farm animals!

The relationships we, as humans, form with animals is far from limited to pets! Anne’s inspirational journey will not only help you on your path to a healthy, fit vegan lifestyle, but it will also fill your heart with love and joy.

Ever heard of a “micro farm animal sanctuary”?

Anne fills us in on the growing trend for people to create their own, small sanctuaries on their own land, where they can care for a smaller number of rescued animals. Cows, pigs and goats need plenty of land to roam, so many people are opening up micro sanctuaries with smaller animals, like rabbits and chickens, who can live happily on a smaller plot of land.

One theme for this episode is, “Live in possibility,” which is how we (I’m on the board for Hogs and Kisses Farm Sanctuary) are helping finding a permanent home for the 11 pigs we talk about on the show (what a story they have)… And that home could turn out to be Hogs & Kisses!

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