Unlikely Vegan Duo Saving Millions of Lives in Bulgaria


An Unlikely Vegan Duo Has Teamed Up To Make History By Saving Millions Of Animals (and kids!)

Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things. -Denis Diderot

And it is exactly that – a great passion for compassion that has brought Ashton and Denitsa together in the Vegan Beyond project to accomplish a great thing for animals while literally changing the course of history.ashton and denitsa

Having pursued a successful career in the US fast food industry,

Ashton has always felt that his achievements at work could never be fully celebrated by his heart,

as the industry to which growth he was contributing was not aligned with his core values and beliefs. Nor were they in alignment with the moral standards he had set for himself in his personal life. Despite the fact that upper management quickly noticed his talents and skills, Ashton was finding the monetary rewards that were coming from his rising career position less and less satisfying.

This is how about six years ago he teamed up with Denitsa, an internet marketing entrepreneur and consultant, asking for her services to help him gain his freedom by developing his own business and life coaching practice. After a few years of efforts, they not only succeeded to the point where Ashton was a sought after independent Business and Life coach, but the duo had developed a soul connection that would drive them to keep joining forces for the greater good!

Denitsa’s background is curious and versatile,

as she grew up in a picturesque region of Bulgaria, spending the summers in a wildly beautiful village, where her grandparents were growing chickens and rabbits for slaughter. At the age of 16 she moved to Switzerland for high school, and then the UK, where she completed her higher education, only to get a taste of the corporate environment in a large international organization, and then go back to the country that was calling her so strongly in her heart.compassionate christmas

Already a passionate animal advocate, she knew she had to come back to Bulgaria, which was calling her with all its desperation

for young people, who are ready to stand up and be the difference everyone wants to see!

Some of her most vivid childhood memories involve 5 baby rabbits, who she rescued by bottle feeding and taking care of after they lost their mother.

At this very fragile age of four or five she felt a pain she could hardly explain.

Deep down she knew that she was rescuing these rabbits only to have them killed later on, but she was numbing the thought, as it was too much for her child’s heart. The reality she grew up with was telling her that it is ‘normal’ to slaughter animals not only for food, but for various rituals throughout the year that would bring ‘health’ and ‘good luck’.

One of the reasons that today, as an adult, she shivers at the thought of going to the countryside is because the tradition of ritual slaughter is still alive – even more than ever!

One of the WORST periods for animals is Pre-Christmas time when villages are filled with the screams of millions of pigs, fighting for their last breath

Denitsa will never forget sitting inside the house, hearing the desperate screams, while her father and grandfathers would catch the pig they have been breeding for a year, pull him out of his ‘house’ and forcefully tie him only to have him killed! She would then feel the smell of the burned skin, and a bit later her granny would bring her the cooked meat with a big smile. Even a meat-eater would find the whole thing extremely ‘inhumane’ and unbearable.

This is a scene most Bulgarian children experience many times in their lifetime, and a tradition passed from generation to generation. Not all are lucky enough to only hear the screams! The boys usually sit there watching it all, ‘learning’ how it’s done!

While in Western Europe there is a ‘trend’ toward sustainability, in Bulgaria there is a trend towards ‘going back to the roots’ which means more ritual animal slaughters than ever!

These count up to millions, in addition to a reported yearly rise in meat consumption.

If we take Mahatma Gandhi’s quote:

‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated’ –

as true, then, despite an impressive historical record (involving the salvation of thousands of Jewish citizens during WW2), Bulgaria is very much behind!

When it comes to the treatment of animals, the situation in the country is close to a horror story!

Not only that, but 99% of the population is in complete informational block, regarding widespread health and environmental information, involving plant-based eating and the environmental impact a meat-heavy diet has on our planet.

The Solution

Ashton and Denitsa have come up with a long-term strategy plan to eradicate this cruel tradition and literally change history by changing how future generations are being raised! Joining their skills, talents, and experience, they have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign for the establishment a One-Of-A-Kind Cruelty-Free Center that will target the problem at its very root! Various recent examples with Denitsa’s local network have given proof that very little is needed for people to re-consider their behaviors! Her dad gave up the killing of two lambs for the opening of his car repairing service; another friend gave up meat just after a few interactions with her, and many others are willing to re-consider after receiving a tiny bit of education!

The issue is that NONE of this education is currently existent!

The powerful Vegan Hub they are aiming to build in the place where a large leather shop used to operate will provide a multi-fold approach for a consistent, permanent change that will result in millions saved from barbaric, painful death!

It is a brave, but achievable goal, and they are urging all animal lovers, despite their eating style to join and contribute to the cause!

The New Life Cruelty-Free Food And Educational center will pro-actively instill change into the population through the provision of free lectures, seminars, workshops, printed materials, as well as an affordable vegan café and plant-based meal delivery service. This civil, peaceful, education-driven approach will be directed towards young families and mothers, who are the main decision-makers regarding meat consumption and ritual slaughters.

Ashton and Denitsa believe that anyone with even a drop of compassion in their heart would want to contribute to a project such as that.

Their slogan is…

Now who wouldn’t want to? I sure do! To support the cause, click here. Saving Animals in Bulgaria


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Ashton and Denitsa are both long-term animal advocates (+11 years), and being born only a few days apart in the same year, they often joke that they are soul-twins. Ashton’s background includes restaurant management, business and life coaching, while Denitsa was responsible for the international affairs of various organizations and digital marketing activities for start-up companies, before dedicating herself full-time to animal advocacy and welfare. They are both strongly committed to the VeganBeyond project and its cause, and will not stop before they reach all their short and long-term goals.

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