Finding Passion & Purpose Through the Process with Chad Weller

Chad Weller Guest Interview

Our special guest today on the podcast is former professional athlete, high Performance Life Coach, motivational speaker, and my long-time friend Chad Weller. 

In today’s episode we discuss Chad’s story of how he became a vegan. You may be surprised to know it all started with a bet… but it didn’t end there. Chad has been a vegan for 25 years! 

Chad’s choice to not eat meat empowered him right from the start, and he noticed quickly how much better he felt and how his body performed. But his journey wasn’t an easy one, as he had to overcome many misperceptions as a young male vegan. We discuss several of those in this episode.

Chad opens up about his addiction to drugs and alcohol and how his recovery played such a pivotal role in finding his purpose and passion. I asked him how listeners could find their passion & purpose. He said, “If you’re searching for it, it is within you. It’s a matter of turning down the noise and tapping into your truth, power, and strength.” 

Chad knows quite a bit about tapping into inner strength, as he ran ultra marathons professionally. And for Chad, running the ultra marathons wasn’t about achieving certain times or accolades but more about connection on a spiritual level.  This connection helped him stop focusing on the results, disconnect from the outer noise, and focus inward. 

If you’re looking to start running Chad shared these tips: 

  1. Get proper shoes,
  2. Focus on the things you like about running. Not on the things you don’t. 
  3. Give it time
  4. Just start, even just 1 mile or 2

Though running was a passion, Chad discovered his purpose when he became a High Performance Life Coach. Like running ultra marathons, Chad found running a career & business, isn’t about the results, it’s about the process. Chad enjoys each and every day because he chooses to, and because he has fallen in love with the process. 

Chad is currently working on a book, and his upcoming podcast.


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