Letting Go as You Grow (EP 32: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

After some fun talk about random topics, from vegan hot chocolate, to doggie dental care, to Fireball (which took me back to college years), Stephanie and I dive into the focus of today’s podcast… Letting go.


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We have #MantraMonday to start each week with intention at Vegan Life Coach Academy, and last week the mantra was all about letting go. 

Stephanie wrote…

Today, take some time to think about what you have been carrying that has simply become too heavy. It is time to let go.  Let go of expectations, self judgement, anxiety, and loneliness.  It’s time to take a deep breath and enter into this week with the intention of letting go so that there is room for your growth and the new that your efforts and the universe are bringing to you! 

There are so many different areas of our lives where there is cause to let go, so we’re breaking the subject down.

On today’s episode we focus on relationships.

Check out the thread that occurred in the comments of our VLCA #MantraMonday post (we’ve changed the names to protect our members’ privacy…  

Maria: Thank you, I’m letting go of friendships that don’t serve my best self

Lilly: Ohhhh, I’ve been here. I’ve found this to be so hard when going through it and utterly liberating afterwards! Sending you strength!

Vickie: I’ve been there too, it’s such a painful place to be and it has taken me a very long time, especially to accept how such a deep affection could be transformed into something else, comprehension, jealousy and hatred at times. I am not sure I have reached a place of forgiveness yet, but at least I don’t feel so sad anymore.

Stephanie and I dive deep into the complexities of letting go of the people in our lives who are not lifting us up. 

I share my personal experience with my own energy and perspectives shifting, and how this sparked the realization that I was no longer willing to allow other people’s negative energy bring me down.

We discuss what people can do to be empowered to let go of relationships that aren’t facilitating growth.

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