Why We Went Vegan: Inspiring Documentary!

I was recently honored to be included in an inspiring new documentary featuring 31 (one for every day of January 2017) Miami locals telling their stories about why they went vegan!

Planted in Miami is a podcast I’ve been a guest on, that’s about conscious living in the Magic City (Miami) where they interview inspiring locals who are pushing the city forward through their actions.

The founders, Jeanette and Alex, are two of the most positive, energetic, generous, and mindful people I know. I’m so excited to present their series to you. 

You can see Jeanette and Alex’s intro, and my feature below. Check out the rest of the vegans featured on YouTube as well. Everyone has such different experiences leading them down the path of veganism. Each is motivating and inspiring in their own way. Check them out!

Listen to, connect with, and contact Planted in Miami!

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Top 5 Tips To Successfully Date a Vegan


Wondering if it’s possible for a non-vegan and a vegan to date… successfully? Valid question!

So, you met this girl or guy. At first sight, there was this spark — a connection. Call it magic, call it fate. You know instinctively that you’ve found THE ONE; then you hear these words,“I’m Vegan.”

Will you freak out and have sudden flashbacks of your happiest omnivore moments, just before you bid farewell to them? Or, will you think of that moment as a chance to expand your horizon, and not perceive this as a wall between the man or woman you like and your meat feast dreams? I completely understand if you thought of the first scenario as the most plausible response, but dating someone who is vegan doesn’t mean you need to be one. Is there a chance for non-vegans and Vegans to be together? Heck, absolutely, 100 percent, no doubt, yes! Will it be a walk in the park? No. Can I still eat bacon? Of course! Can I still eat bacon in front of my date? If you will not rub it in the face of your date that you’re eating something that used to have eyes, I don’t see why not.

Dating a vegan

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Before you read any further, let’s set something straight. Not all vegetarians are the same. To give you a head start understanding the different types, read this. Now that we’ve settled that, here are five tips to successfully date a vegan. Number two is especially important.

1. For your first date, take your vegan date to a vegan restaurant.

First dates are a big deal. You would want to make a good impression on your date. So, it is highly advisable you take your Vegan date to a Vegan restaurant and steer clear of meat-serving ones for your first date. Okay, okay. I hear you saying, “You said I don’t have to be a Vegan to date one, what now??!” — Yes I know, but hear me out. By initiating to dine in a Vegan restaurant, you’re not only showing your respect for your date’s Vegan lifestyle, you’re also implying how open-minded and selfless you are. It’s also a great opportunity for you to know them better in a place they are familiar with and try something different, for romance’s sake. LeoLin Lopez from The Vegan Woman, recommends websites like Happy Cow and Yelp to find the perfect restaurant for your first date.

2. Stay true to yourself — don’t fake it!

It’s one thing to respect and appreciate their lifestyle, and another to keep it real to yourself. Don’t say things your date wants to hear. Don’t create another version of you that you think your date will like. Again, it will not be a walk in the park and will involve a lot of compromising, conflicts about vegan ethics, and discussions about what is and what is not. The only way to go about this is creating an open line of communication. Lay out all your cards, and meet halfway. Relationships are all about the give and take game. And that context can be applied regardless of food preference.

3. Be mindful of your questions.

As sensitive and considerate you are when you talk about religion, politics, exes, and bowel movements, same goes with the following questions you should never ask a Vegan on your first date:

  • “Where do you get your protein from?”
  • “What’s the point of eating fake meat?” Then you try to be clever and ask, “Can’t you just eat real meat?”
  • “Plants are living things too right? Why do you eat them?”
  • “Don’t you miss eating meat? Followed by, “You’re missing a lot!.”

If you’re that curious to know the answers, I have one word for you — Google! Familiarize yourself with all the vegan basics (SexyFitVegan.com covers most of them too) like:

Then, to be on the safe side, ask him or her first why they went vegan. Let them feed you the details and from there, you have a good standing point for your follow-up questions.

4. Forget everything you know about Vegan.

Going vegan is a personal choice. It’s not pop culture and definitely not something you decide overnight. Sure you have read hundreds of articles about veganism but it’s a different story when you hear it from someone who actually lives and breathes the lifestyle. So when you go out with a Vegan, don’t bring your pre-existing notions and start listening instead.

5. Keep an open mind and mouth.

Vegans are often mislabeled as forum-trolling, angry, animal rights activists, who miss out on the good stuff in life. They are veggie lovers and carnivore haters who don’t care about flavour as long as it’s meat-free. In reality, they probably understand flavour and good food more than you. And since vegan is a way of living that’s not just limited to food preference, but also ethical beliefs and principles in life. If you’re not into that kind of thing, no worries. Don’t mock and don’t judge people who are deeply passionate on what they believe. Instead of questioning their lifestyle, appreciate their choice of living healthy.  Best way to know if this is something you’ll consider? Give their cooking a shot. You’ll never know, that could be your turning point.

Lady and the Tramp Date

A guest post by Jane Dizon, nurse, health and nutrition enthusiast, and blogger at Gym and Fitness, Australia’s favourite online retailer of treadmills and strength equipment.

Header Photo Credit: Karine Basilio

Vegan Diet Plan: The What, Why, Who, When & How

Cutting veggies for vegan diet plan

Unlike some other so-called “diets,” a vegan diet plan is somewhat of a journey to be explored and continually fine-tuned based on your experiences.

Let’s briefly cover the most basic questions:


What is a vegan diet plan? The definition is both clear and broad. “Eating vegan” means eating only plant-based foods and nothing that is an animal, comes from an animal, or is processed using animal. That being said, as much as this may seem restrictive if you are used to eating animal products as part of your every day routine, it’s actually incredibly expansive! There are countless different vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains to incorporate into your meals. Discovering plant foods you’ve never even tried is part of the excitement of going vegan. 


Why is a vegan diet plan beneficial? The reasons are numerous and powerful. First, going vegan means doing your part to help put an end to animal suffering. Today’s factory farming of animals is horrendously cruel, and by eating and wearing animals and their bi-products you support the industries responsible for the suffering. Second, going vegan means improving your health by preventing, treating, and even curing many diseases. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and other top killers are often caused by an unhealthy diet containing animal products, preservatives, processed, and/or artificial ingredients. You have the power to take your health into your own hands with a vegan diet plan! Third, you can feel and look younger, more energized, and sexier by going vegan. A balanced plant-based diet improves your skin’s condition, gives you energy, drops body fat, increases circulation, improves digestion, just to name a few benefits. Last, by going vegan, you are reducing your environmental footprint and playing a role in saving our planet. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Cowspiracy, an amazing, interesting, entertaining, and unbiased look into how animal agriculture impacts the world and our resources. The statistics are staggering. Leaving future generations a healthy earth is simply the right thing to do. 


Who should be on a vegan diet plan? This one is simple. Everyone! Everybody will benefit from eating a whole foods plant-based diet. 


When should you go on a vegan diet plan? Start your transition NOW! It may not work for you to make the complete switch over to a plant-based diet tomorrow, but there’s no better time than now to get your vegan diet plan put together and begin. In the “How To Go Vegan Beginner’s Guide” you learn how to make a realistic, do-able plan of action, week by week. 

Vegan Diet Plan Beginners Guide“How”

How do you transition to a vegan diet plan? By utilizing the growing quality resources that are available to you! There are tons of awesome websites, books, blogs, forums, and documentaries waiting for you to check out! Here’s a list of the top in each category:

Websites: SexyFitVegan.com, NutritionFacts.org, PCRM.org

Books: How To Go Vegan: A Beginner’s Guide, How To Make Your Own Superfood Shake, Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan, Eating Animals, 22 Days Revolution, Forks Over Knives,  

Blogs: Sexy Fit Vegan, Plant-Based Strong

Forums: Sexy Fit Vegan

Documentaries: Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, Fed Up, Hungry For Change, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead





Hello all you Sexy Fit Vegans!

Kirsten Going Vegan Story

“After 11 years of being a vegetarian I watched a documentary called Vegucated and I realized I could no longer stick my head in the sand.”

Hello everyone!                         IMG_1672

I have done a couple of posts here already but I thought I would formally introduce myself and share my story with you all.  My name is Kirsten Mitchell and I am thrilled to be part of the Sexy Fit Vegan family.  I am a 44 year old mother of two, and while I am neither a chef nor a fitness professional I am very passionate about both food and exercise.

I became a vegetarian in 2002 but was hesitant to switch to vegan because I was uneducated regarding the horrors of the dairy industry and I believed that I needed dairy for protein.  After 11 years of being a vegetarian I watched a documentary called Vegucated and I realized I could no longer stick my head in the sand.  If I truly considered myself an animal lover (which I do) then vegan was the only way to go.  Along with this dietary change also came a change in my activity. For many years I had been a runner…running 5 days a week and racing often (from a mile to the marathon) and while I was physically fit, my body was just not looking the way I wanted it to.  So at around the the same time I put down the dairy, I picked up the weights.  Magic happened! Now after two years of being vegan I am stronger and in the best shape of my life.  And more importantly, I feel great!  I truly believe that a vegan diet and a balanced exercise schedule that includes cardio, strength training, balance and stretching is the fountain of youth!

IMG_0936-22013 vs today

Now my passion is creating protein forward recipes that can fuel the athlete in all of us.  It is very easy to become a junk food vegan (believe me, I had a phase where my major food group was Oreos) so it is my hope that I will be able to give you all some helpful exercise tips and recipes to add to your Vegan repertoire.  You can also find me on Instagram @veganfueledfitness.

Thank you Ella for this opportunity and I look forward to spreading the vegan love:)



Why Vegan? Get the Facts Here…


If you are thinking about going vegan for your health, or are already vegan and want to promote the lifestyle, it’s important to understand the science behind the benefits of a vegan diet plan. I’m writing this post to introduce you to one of the most informative, easy to navigate websites that exists… NutritionFacts.org. The founder, Dr. Michael Greger, is a physician, author, and speaker who scours the world’s nutrition research to bring us free daily videos and articles, helping answer the popular question, “Why Vegan?”. He presents the information in a way that’s easy to understand, unbiased, and even entertaining! Plus, all the proceeds from his books, DVDs, and speaking goes to charity. His website and work is definitely worth your while to explore and support. Here are some links to must-see videos to get you started…

Is Milk Good for our Bones?

Canned Beans or Cooked Beans?

BRCA, Breast Cancer, Genes, and Soy

Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries?

Now you can find simple answers to your important nutrition questions on one, trusted site. Enjoy!