Vegan Tri Guys on Veganism, Chronic Fatigue, & Following Your Passion (EP 40: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

In this intriguing episode I sit down with James Aubry, aka @VeganTriGuys and we chat it up about a number of topics that a ton of our listeners will relate to.


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James is a plant-powered cyclist and triathlete with an inspirational story of resilience. We talk about his battle with chronic fatigue, his journey into veganism, and the courageous step he took away from the corporate world to follow his passion.

Here’s a little bit about James, in his words…

In James’s own words:

I’m James, from London, England. I have been into endurance sport my entire life, it runs through my veins. It’s been a rollercoaster ride though in terms of health. After getting onto the British Cycling Youth Development Programme at 16 years old, I was on my way to fulfilling my dream of becoming a pro cyclist.

At the age of 17 however, I was struck by chronic fatigue, which plagued me on and off for 12 years. I eventually discovered veganism which helped me manage these symptoms, which haven’t returned since.

Veganism wasn’t without it’s challenges though, I learned first hand that a vegan diet isn’t necessary healthy if you eat a lot of refined/processed food, and you cannot out-exercise an unhealthy diet.

Coming from a history of disordered eating, I overcame food-restricting patterns by adopting a whole food, plant based diet, which is what I eat and recommend.

I have recently quit my engineering job in the corporate world to start Humble Hedgehog Productions and pursue my passion for videography. My mission is to use my talent to create content that will motivate and inspire people to make a positive impact on the Planet.


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