Alcohol: A Sticky Topic? (EP 34: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

During a recent Q&A at Vegan Life Coach Academy, we got the following question… “This may be a sticky topic, so I understand if you don’t want to address it, but what are your thoughts on alcohol?”


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Can you guess the response from Stephanie and me?  

“There are no sticky topics we don’t tackle!” 

If you’re a regular listener of our podcast you know that we are far from afraid to talk about taboo topics, from sex to poop, and everything in between.😆 

In this episode, we touch on many questions people have about alcohol like…

  • How do I stop myself from over-drinking?
  • Is red wine really healthy?
  • Can I be healthy and still enjoy alcohol in moderation?
  • What are some tips to reduce weight gain if you don’t want to give up drinking all together?

We have fun on this episode, as well as weighing in on the serious side of alcohol. In fact, Stephanie’s field of expertise is addiction counseling, so she is able to weigh in professionally on the topic of addiction.

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– Ella


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Alcohol on a Vegan Diet Plan?

Vegan Beer at the Yard House

Going vegan does not mean you have to give up alcohol…

I enjoy sipping on fine tequila socially and a flavorful beer watching football and UFC with friends. Alcohol certainly doesn’t make the “super foods” list. It doesn’t do a liver good. Nevertheless, it’s a part of an otherwise very healthy lifestyle for me and many of you. So I say, “Is that alcohol vegan?” and simply look it up on and then, “Cheers!”

This is a surprisingly thorough guide to liquor, beer, and wine, and I use it regularly so I wanted to share it with you all!
And since we are wrapping up football season, I will also share my absolute favorite beer that I discovered at the Yard House, my regular Sunday Funday football-watching spot (they have vegan wings!) It’s called La Trappe, and if you like strong Belgian-style beer with a slightly sweet flavor and no bitterness this is a fantastic one! Enjoy 🙂