Own Your Impact (EP 96: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

“Mom, it’s just too big for one person. How can anyone make any changes that matter? Why try to persuade anyone to do anything when it just won’t matter?”


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Transcript (Stephanie):
Indulge me a little.  I love being a mom, and frankly, I can’t be humble when it comes to my kids.  If you’ve been a long-time listener, you know my youngest, Eva.  She’s 11 and quite possibly the most fabulous human being on the face of the planet.  She recently took on a project for her language arts and science classes.  The assignment was to write a persuasive essay on a topic in science that they felt strongly about and then create a presentation from that essay to give to her fellow students as well as her teachers.  The topic she chose was climate change.  Could this mom be any prouder?
After writing her essay, she asked for help with her presentation.  And I have to tell you, she was more than a little defeated.  She said, “Mom, it’s just too big for one person.  How can anyone make any changes that matter?  Why try to persuade anyone to do anything when it just won’t matter?”
And you know what?  I could relate.  I know you feel me when I look at the world’s biggest issues and wonder how I can even make any sort of headway…any sort of lasting impact when I am just one person.  The word insurmountable comes to mind.
But right behind those thoughts came three words:  Own Your Impact.
A guided meditation I return to often is presented by Davidji on Insight Timer.  And the message is always clear to me.  I am never powerless.  Though I may be one, I am not immune to the responsibility of doing what I can where I can.  I am the author, director, lead character of my own life, and with every breath, I have an impact on my world. If it’s to be, it’s up to me. And it is important that I own that impact.
In talking with our clients and others in the vegan community, I know the world often seems so heavy.  But, what I also know is that we have far more ability to make a difference than we believe we do.  Small, consistent steps have a lasting impact, even if they may not be noticeable to us when we take them.  You see, we have a tendency to discount our actions as not being enough to make a difference.  And in discounting our actions, we often throw ourselves into that destructive pattern of all or nothing thinking which paralyzes us from taking further action.  Can you relate?
But time and time again, history proves us wrong.  Let’s go back to the global issue of climate change, for example.  Why is climate change a global discussion with companies, governments, and communities making widespread green initiatives priorities?  Because Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in bring about awareness?  Because Leonardo DiCaprio made an Oscar’s speech heard around the world?  Partially.  However, these efforts would have been rendered meaningless if it hadn’t been for the individuals who for decades have led the grassroots efforts of activism.  Thousands of community members around the world chose to own their impact…do what they could, where they were, with what they had…to bring about change.  Their small, consistent efforts collectively, lead to global awareness and movement.  And yet, none of these individuals likely saw the fruits of their impact.  These ordinary people who we will likely never see or celebrate created the foundations for immense shifts in our thinking, awareness, and actions about the environment on a global scale. And for every changemaker on the world’s stage, there are millions of individuals who make a difference just by making simple acts of conscience in their everyday lives.
And this is done by owning your impact.  By being ever mindful of those small, consistent actions that you make daily as a matter of personal ethics and conscience you contribute to the world’s good.  You own your impact with every choice you make.  As vegans and vegan curious, we own our impact at every meal we choose through compassion and sustainability.  We own our impact with every conversation we have regarding our choice to live in compassion for all beings.
As citizens of our communities and of our world, we are responsible to own our impact.  So let’s take this to a practical place.   How do you own your impact?  How does this work?
First, throw out your perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking.  If the world needs you, and it does, you cannot get be bothered with irrational goals of perfection, becoming paralyzed by feeling that if you can’t solve the problem in its entirety, you cannot do anything about it at all.  Perfectionism leads to ineffectiveness.  Check out episodes 45 and 53 to dive in deeper here on taking care of perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking.  Great strategies there, if you find yourself paralyzed by these.
Second, choose speaking up rather than staying silent.  Find your voice. This is so much more than just vocalizing your position.  Your voice is your courage, determination, and authenticity.  If you are having trouble connecting to that, start by asking yourself three questions:  1.  How do you want to show up in the world?  Really design what you want that to look like.  2.  What is my deeper WHY?  Connecting to that deeper why provides purpose. ; 3.  What is holding me back from using my voice?  This is what is keeping you from using your voice and owning your impact.
Next, see your daily living as an extension of your purpose.  It is the small, consistent choices that create our impact.  We own that by living in line with what we value most.  Every word you say has the potential to cause a connection.  Every meal you eat allows you another opportunity to live compassionately.  Remember, you are the author, director, and hero of your own story.  By taking that responsibility and living with intention, you are owning your impact.
Finally, choose to do something that will make your impact real and visible to you.  Volunteer at an animal sanctuary.  Join a climate change activist group and engage.  Teach your children about your values.  Buy with purpose by choosing products that are vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free.  Donate your money to organizations whose mission aligns with yours. By getting involved, you are seeing your impact in ways that allows you to be connected to the change, thereby creating further desire to continue.
The truth is, everything we do impacts the world around us in some way. It may be directly or indirectly. Either way, not claiming ownership or responsibility doesn’t negate the impact. It only amplifies the risk of having a negative one. Therefore we must take ownership of our significance in the lives of others and the world around us.  You are powerful.  Beyond your imagination, you have meaning and purpose that no one else can give the world.  Own your impact.



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