Holiday Special (EP 35: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

Navigating the holidays as a vegan, especially if you’re newly vegan or in the process of transitioning, can be really tough!


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In this episode we give you some valuable tips, tools, and strategies that will help you not just survive, but truly thrive this holiday season.

I talk about how fortunate I am that most of the people I spend my holidays with are vegan at this point, especially since I will be spending the time with my immediate family and closest friends this year.

Stephanie however, has a more “blended” family, which we know is the situation most of our listeners are in.

Add on top of the stress brought on by navigating the holidays with non-vegans, this year we are adding a pandemic to the mix… Oh boy! 😉

Having the holiday season amidst Covid19 means that many of the traditions we follow year after year won’t be feasible (at least not safely).

Stephanie and I talk about the opportunity we have this year, thanks to the pandemic, to view these challenges as a “forced pause,” giving us the space to step back and take inventory.

We give our listeners some solid strategies for taking full advantage of that opportunity, including determining what traditions you actually enjoy. This is a great year to let go of the traditions that don’t serve you or your family.

I love what Stephanie says about releasing old traditions and trying something new… “Design this holiday season just like you’re designing the rest of your life!”

Listen or watch the full episode for lots of laughs in addition to the valuable discussion to help you reduce your stress and make this holiday season one to remember (in the best ways possible).

– Ella


Episode 32: Letting Go

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