Workouts For A Cut, Beach Body

Cut-Upper-Body of a fit man

Are you looking to get cut for that beach body this summer?

Do you want to shed a little more belly fat to be the envy on the beach? Doing this and also improving muscle definition can be frustrating at times. So here are some good helpful pointers to switch up that boring split routine.

First, vary your repetition range. The human body’s ability to adapt to stressors is quick and efficient. So every week you should change it up. General hypertrophy (muscle growth) is best between 8 and 12 repetitions, between 2 and 4 sets.

Cut-Beach-BodyMoving on, you should keep rest periods short. Or, in some cases non existent. Meaning, superset muscle groups! The superset system uses two exercises performed in rapid succession. This features the use of compound sets, or tri-sets. Compound sets involve use of two exercises for antagonist muscles. For example performing a set of bench presses followed by cable rows (chest/back). Working opposing muscles allow for better recovery before the start of a new set.

Tri-sets use three exercises in rapid succession for the same muscle group or body part. For example, a chest tri-set might be an incline dumbbell press, a cable fly and pushups all in succession. The superset system is beneficial for muscle hypertophy and endurance. Also, you work harder, so fat will be burned more efficiently, break through plateaus, maximizing muscle recruitment, and it’s a great way to save time!

Also, there are circuit training systems which involves a series of exercises performed one after the other with minimal rest. Typical sets consist of 1-3 and 8-15 repetitions with 15-60 seconds rest in between exercises. A good way to add intensity to your workout is to ditch those machines. Go with multi-joint exercises and/or free weights (e.g. the deadlift, clean and press, thrusters, bent over rows, and squats.)

Also, if you want to get cut up cardio is still a big factor. Instead of a consistent pace however, go with high intensity intervals. For example, sprinting for 30 seconds then jogging slowly for 60 seconds. You can always adjust this different ways so have fun with it. It’s also another good way to make cardio a lot less boring!

Vegan Protein Review

Plant-based Protein Powder

Hey everyone!  So I just got my vegan protein powder in.  I must say, this is probably one of my favorite plant-based proteins on the market.  It has a great taste, mixes terrifically, plus it has a really good amino acid profile. I consider it as good as Vega, but more affordable. It is called Rawfusion by SAN nutrition. A good post-workout protein shake is ideal for getting the most out of strength training. This protein powder is also great to mix in with your oatmeal in the morning, make protein pancakes with,  or use as an ingredient in any baked item. I’ve had a lot of plant based powders, this is second to none. Try it out. You may end up loving it just as much as i do!

Matt Protein Powder

New Sexy Fit Vegan Contributor!

Matthew Washington vegan athlete
‘Hey everyone! I wanna say i’m very excited to be a part of the sexy fit vegan team!  I’ve never been a part of a blog before so this is definitely a new, fun experience. I’m a certified personal trainer of over 4 years, with certs in nutrition and sports performance.  I became vegan a little over seven years ago.  After a rough period of life, losing my sister to ovarian cancer.  I was also in an extremely unhealthy spot in my life. Smoking a pack a day. Drinking. Also eating the worst foods possible.  Yes, i ate mcdonalds….every day. I gradually became 60 pounds overweight.  One day i woke up and was tired of the life i was living.  I quit smoking cold turkey. Started to pick up running. I knew i needed to change my diet, i noticed a few features on vegan athletes and what they did, and how they were doing it.  I was completely fascinated and researched as much as i could, and when i felt i was ready, i became vegan.  My weight dropped drastically, my energy was amazing, and my recovery was great. Eventually after i got certified as a trainer i lifted weights more religiously, and got my weight up, lean muscle of course. No fat 😉 .  Of course over the years you get everything from,
“Oh, you’re vegan? How’s that work? I think that’s cool but i could never give up cheese.”
To the more extreme,
“Are you kidding me bro? Where do you get your protein?! Soy lowers your testosterone!”
Granted, there are many myths regarding plant based lifestyles that i will love to get into at later times.  Also, i’d love to share good programs for building strength and muscle on a plant based diet. As well as certain nutrients/minerals/vitamins you should and shouldn’t worry about. The fitness and nutrition world is a confusing one.  Full of contradictions, myths and empty promises for fast and easy results.  Like every goal in life, they don’t come overnight. And neither does health and fitness.  it’s a journey, not a diet, but a lifestyle. And i’m very excited to help!’