Workouts For A Cut, Beach Body

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Are you looking to get cut for that beach body this summer?

Do you want to shed a little more belly fat to be the envy on the beach? Doing this and also improving muscle definition can be frustrating at times. So here are some good helpful pointers to switch up that boring split routine.

First, vary your repetition range. The human body’s ability to adapt to stressors is quick and efficient. So every week you should change it up. General hypertrophy (muscle growth) is best between 8 and 12 repetitions, between 2 and 4 sets.

Cut-Beach-BodyMoving on, you should keep rest periods short. Or, in some cases non existent. Meaning, superset muscle groups! The superset system uses two exercises performed in rapid succession. This features the use of compound sets, or tri-sets. Compound sets involve use of two exercises for antagonist muscles. For example performing a set of bench presses followed by cable rows (chest/back). Working opposing muscles allow for better recovery before the start of a new set.

Tri-sets use┬áthree exercises in rapid succession for the same muscle group or body part. For example, a chest tri-set might be an incline dumbbell press, a cable fly and pushups all in succession. The superset system is beneficial for muscle hypertophy and endurance. Also, you work harder, so fat will be burned more efficiently, break through plateaus, maximizing muscle recruitment, and it’s a great way to save time!

Also, there are circuit training systems which involves a series of exercises performed one after the other with minimal rest. Typical sets consist of 1-3 and 8-15 repetitions with 15-60 seconds rest in between exercises. A good way to add intensity to your workout is to ditch those machines. Go with multi-joint exercises and/or free weights (e.g. the deadlift, clean and press, thrusters, bent over rows, and squats.)

Also, if you want to get cut up cardio is still a big factor. Instead of a consistent pace however, go with high intensity intervals. For example, sprinting for 30 seconds then jogging slowly for 60 seconds. You can always adjust this different ways so have fun with it. It’s also another good way to make cardio a lot less boring!

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