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Plant-based Protein Powder

Hey everyone!  So I just got my vegan protein powder in.  I must say, this is probably one of my favorite plant-based proteins on the market.  It has a great taste, mixes terrifically, plus it has a really good amino acid profile. I consider it as good as Vega, but more affordable. It is called Rawfusion by SAN nutrition. A good post-workout protein shake is ideal for getting the most out of strength training. This protein powder is also great to mix in with your oatmeal in the morning, make protein pancakes with,  or use as an ingredient in any baked item. I’ve had a lot of plant based powders, this is second to none. Try it out. You may end up loving it just as much as i do!

Matt Protein Powder

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      The pic is great… we can definitely tell you are totally into that protein lol. Has anyone else tried it yet?

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