New Sexy Fit Vegan Contributor!

Matthew Washington vegan athlete
‘Hey everyone! I wanna say i’m very excited to be a part of the sexy fit vegan team!  I’ve never been a part of a blog before so this is definitely a new, fun experience. I’m a certified personal trainer of over 4 years, with certs in nutrition and sports performance.  I became vegan a little over seven years ago.  After a rough period of life, losing my sister to ovarian cancer.  I was also in an extremely unhealthy spot in my life. Smoking a pack a day. Drinking. Also eating the worst foods possible.  Yes, i ate mcdonalds….every day. I gradually became 60 pounds overweight.  One day i woke up and was tired of the life i was living.  I quit smoking cold turkey. Started to pick up running. I knew i needed to change my diet, i noticed a few features on vegan athletes and what they did, and how they were doing it.  I was completely fascinated and researched as much as i could, and when i felt i was ready, i became vegan.  My weight dropped drastically, my energy was amazing, and my recovery was great. Eventually after i got certified as a trainer i lifted weights more religiously, and got my weight up, lean muscle of course. No fat 😉 .  Of course over the years you get everything from,
“Oh, you’re vegan? How’s that work? I think that’s cool but i could never give up cheese.”
To the more extreme,
“Are you kidding me bro? Where do you get your protein?! Soy lowers your testosterone!”
Granted, there are many myths regarding plant based lifestyles that i will love to get into at later times.  Also, i’d love to share good programs for building strength and muscle on a plant based diet. As well as certain nutrients/minerals/vitamins you should and shouldn’t worry about. The fitness and nutrition world is a confusing one.  Full of contradictions, myths and empty promises for fast and easy results.  Like every goal in life, they don’t come overnight. And neither does health and fitness.  it’s a journey, not a diet, but a lifestyle. And i’m very excited to help!’