Q&A: Overeating (EP 30: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

Episode #30 starts out with fun conversation and celebrations, and then we move into the topic of overeating.



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At Vegan Life Coach Academy, we have #ThirstyThursday Power Hour Q&A every week. Members grab their fresh juice, smoothie, or Clean Machine’s BCAAs (lemonade is my favorite), and join me for a Facebook Live event.

We have a blast sharing celebrations, playing plant food trivia, announce upcoming happenings, and I answer questions that members have submitted. 

Recently, we had two questions come in about portion control and overeating… A common struggle for a ton of our podcast listeners as well, hence why we decided to also answer the questions on this episode!

Here they are:

Question #1: I really appreciate the mindfulness and intuitive eating. I think that’s how I was before becoming vegan and now I struggle with portions. Sometimes I’m hungry in 30 minutes and then I feel like I overeat too often. I feel uncomfortably stuffed. What’s going on?

Question #2: Why do you (referring to me) only eat half a can of chickpeas for a meal versus a whole can? Is it because half a can fills you up? How do we know we are not overeating?

Check out this week’s full episode to hear our answers!

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