The Self-Empowerment Coaching System: How to Reprogram Your Mind (Ep 7: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

You are going to want to stop multitasking, because in today’s training we’re explaining a tool we call the Self-Empowerment Coaching System, or SECS for short (and yes, we like to pronounce it “sex”)!


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The Self-Empowerment Coaching System is the tool that we base all of our mindset work on… And our mindset work translates into lifestyle work. Everything we do, every decision we make; from what we put in our mouth, to how we move our bodies, to the decisions we make: like the decision to go fully vegan, or anything that we want in our lives. All of this is a mindset.

This is what we train our clients on, so that it eventually becomes their operating system. This is what we use to reprogram our subconscious… All of those negative programs that are not serving us.

If you haven’t listened to episode 4, go back and listen to it first, as that episode lays the ground work for the concepts we discuss. 

Here is how SECS works: It all starts with your circumstance. Your circumstance is something that is out of your immediate control. The facts about the situation. This is subjective, not objective. It rained yesterday. I had no immediate control over that. 

What we do have control over is how you react or respond to the situation. What happens is that our circumstance triggers thoughts based on our core beliefs, which all come from the subconscious. We often don’t even notice the core beliefs that are driving our thoughts. We don’t stop and say, “Oh this is my reaction, and these are my thoughts that are based on the core belief that I am not good enough… that I am not worthy.”

Circumstances trigger our thoughts. And those thoughts are based on our subconscious programming, our core beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of. Our thoughts then evoke our emotions, and emotions are what most of us notice first, because we actually feel emotions in our bodies. 

These emotions, that come from our subconscious programming, are often trapped in our bodies, and we carry them around. In fact it’s often trapped emotion that causes us physical pain and disease. Our mind, body, and emotions are all deeply connected.

Chronic stress means illness. Stubborn body fat can also be caused by stress and the core beliefs that aren’t serving us. So it’s not all about what we put in our mouths. The stress and the core beliefs have a lot to do with how our bodies run physically. 

From these emotions and thoughts, there are two paths we can take.

The first path we can take is to go right into action, as if you’re running on autopilot. Autopilot mode means we are not using conscious thoughts. This is the path we take because it’s how we’ve been programmed. 

Our actions then determine our outcomes or results. Think about these actions that we take based on the core beliefs. If they’re based on these core beliefs that aren’t serving us, we’re going to engage in self-sabotaging actions or behaviors. We all do it to some degree, some more than others. 

The second path we can take is what we call the Power Pause. Instead of going right into autopilot mode, we take a step back and pause. We get really present, connect with our conscious mind, and become the observer of our thoughts and feelings like we talked about in episode four. Then we can approach ourselves with curiosity and compassion.

When we approach ourselves with curiosity and compassion we can go into detective mode and start to figure some things out. We take a deep dive into whether or not the thoughts we’re having are going to serve us or not, and if those thoughts are going to serve us, then we continue on as we were. 

If we determine the thoughts are not serving us, we then have the opportunity, by being present and conscious, to choose new thoughts that will get us into the action that is in line with our values, our goals, and our vision of what success is.

Notice I didn’t say take action based on your new emotions. This is an important distinction that I want to make because even though thoughts evoke our emotions, having a new thought won’t necessarily change our emotions right away, because they are so ingrained. 

Your emotions might not change right away, but you can change. Just because you have a belief about who you are and what your limits are, it doesn’t make the belief true. 

The exciting part of this is, regardless of your emotions, you can then take intentional action based on your conscious thoughts that you’ve decided are the ones that are going to serve you.

The more thoughts we have that are serving us, the more our energy starts to shift and change. So until we’ve got these new vibrations, we’re sending out new energy into the universe, and that attracts back the energy that we’re putting out. 

That is how this all this works together. The Self Empowerment Coaching System is one big awesome cycle that we have control over, that we’ve been taught our whole lives that we have no control over.

In the episode we also give you a specific example to illustrate the system in use. And if it still sounds confusing, don’t worry! The SECS is the foundation for all the coaching and teaching we do so you’ll be learning it over and over in different ways throughout the Vegan Life Coach Podcast.


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