Black Bean Tortilla Pizza

Vegan Pizza Cutter

This pizza is easy, quick, lower in calories than traditional pizza, high in protein and delicious! Great for the whole family (kids could assemble their own) and you could definitely customize the toppings to whatever you like. But the following is my personal favourite: 1 whole wheat tortilla Pizza sauce Chopped red onion Chopped red […]

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Sexy Fit Vegan-Approved!

Vegan Thanksgiving Cartoon

Top Healthy, Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Picks! Can you believe it’s time to plan your Thanksgiving meal already? As I do every year, I have scoured the internet for the top plant-based vegan recipes that meet all my criteria. Recipes must first of all be easy-to-follow and not contain hard-to-find ingredients to make my recommendation […]