The Magical World of Mahala (EP 74: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

I was thrilled to sit down with my dear friend and masterful vegan chef, holistic wellness instructor, and entrepreneur Mahala Nirvano.


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Mahala (formerly Sheryn) has been ethically vegan for 35 years (since she was 13 years old) after making the connection that the chicken on her plate was actually a bird. She couldn’t understand why a dead bird was called dinner.

Mahala was raised in Canada and moved to Miami in 1994 where she pursued holistic education and became a wellness entrepreneur. 

In this magical episode, we discuss not only Mahala’s fascinating story, but also a vast array of topics related to plant-based nutrition, vegan ethics, entrepreneurship, the future of food, tantra teachings, and so much more.

We also learn about the new, vegan keto line of products (with a secret, unique ingredient) she is coming out with this fall!

Mahala’s Vegan, Whole Foods Plant-Based Restaurants:

  • Naked Earth Natural, Foods Cafe Miami, FL 1994-2000
  • Thrive Juice Bar Miami, FL 2010 -2013
  • Plant Theory April 2015 to present 

Mahala’s Training and Certifications are from…

  • Future of Food Institute 
  • International School of Detoxification 
  • ECornell Plant Based Nutrition 
  • Apprenticeship at SunFire Foods 
  • Apprenticeship at M.A.K.E Plant Food & Wine
  • Intensives with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Aris La Tham, Dr. Brian Clement, 
  • Dr. David Jubb and David Wolfe

Mahala’s Specialties:

  • Tantric Teachings
  • Tantra Shamanic Yoga
  • Goddess Blueprint
  • Dearmoring and Sacred Touch
  • Soma Energetic Sound Therapy 
  • Melt Method 
  • New York Center of Iridology
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Gratitude Training
  • Masterful Living



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