Self-Compassion: Seriously?! (EP 72: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

Ever feel like rolling your eyes when someone talks about the importance of self-compassion?


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Oftentimes if we’re giving in to junk foods, overeating, skipping our workouts, we think we need a kick in the butt, not compassion!

In this enlightening episode, we discuss the benefits of self-compassion, the consequences of not showing yourself compassion, and strategies for embodying self-compassion.

It’s easy to be good to ourselves on those days when we are on top of the world.  Self-esteem flying high. Life is rolling and beautiful.

But let’s face it…those are moments, not the way life is all the time.

Self-compassion is treating ourselves with kindness and empathy in our not so beautiful moments.


Kristen Neff, the leading researcher in the field of self-compassion, says there are three components:  

  1. Self-Kindness: Being kind and understanding towards ourselves.  Instead of allowing our inner critic to run amok, speaking to ourselves in a loving way, as we would a friend.
  2. Feeling of Common Humanity: Recognizing that everyone makes mistakes, no one is without weakness. Understanding our humanity is accepting that we are not alone.
  3. Mindfulness: Being in the moment, becoming mindful of the now allows us to not become engulfed by our troubles, difficulties, or anxiety. It allows us to put things into perspective.


Here are some strategies…

  1. Ask yourself:  “What do I need right now?”  Sometimes we aren’t very good at answering this question for ourselves in those moments of difficulty, so in that case, take it outside of yourself and…
  2. Ask yourself:  What would I say to my best friend in this situation, and HOW would I say it?  We often offer more warmth and kindness to others than we do for ourselves.  When we are in need, we need to offer that same warmth and kindness to ourselves.
  3. Invest in yourself according to your needs.  Sometimes that means an afternoon away in nature or two weeks off from work.  At other times, that means really allowing yourself to take a very big step and do what needs to be done for your well-being and health.

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