Stuck in the “Clean Your Plate Club?” (EP 68: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

Are you stuck in what one of our clients refers to as the “Clean Your Plate Cult”?


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You’re not alone! Many of us grew up being told that we had to clean our plate, in one way or another.

>> Which one resonates with you? <<

The Guilt Trip: “Don’t waste food… Think about all the starving kids out there!”

The Bribe: “You can have dessert, but only if you clean your plate first!”

The Ultimatum: “You can’t get up from the table until you’ve cleaned your plate.”

>> If you have one we missed, share in the chat below! <<

On Episode 67 of The Vegan Life Coach Podcast, we explore the psychology behind your urge to clean your plate, and strategies to stop eating when you’re full instead of when your plate is clean!

The side effect? Eating less without feeling hungry or deprived! Side effects = losing excess body fat, increasing your energy, ENJOYING your food (instead of stressing about it), and feeling happy, confident, and free! 

*By the way… We’re celebrating being named #3 in the List of Top 15 Vegan Podcasts!


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