Diet Hell (EP 66: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

“I’m so frustrated! I’ve been dieting most of my life and always gain the weight back. I’m scared to try another program and risk failing YET AGAIN (and wasting even more money than I have already).”


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If you’ve ever said something like this to yourself, you’re far from alone. 

In fact, almost every client we have ever worked with has this fear. 80% of people who diet gain all the weight back, so it’s a legitimate fear!

In Episode 66 of The Vegan Life Coach Podcast, we dive deep into the reasons why dieting sabotages your weight loss efforts. 

Here’s a summary of those reasons:

  • Engaging in unsustainable practices of counting calories and macros
  • Feeling restricted leads to self-sabotage
  • Relying on your willpower to make healthy choices
  • Fighting your body & ignore its signals, which fosters an untrusting, unhealthy relationship
  • Failing to address the mental/emotional factors causing you to overeat/eat for reasons other than to nourish and fuel your body

If you want LONG-TERM results, but are scared of failing yet again, it’s important to explore the fear, because it has the potential to push you to give up before finding the answers you need to succeed.

Buckle up as we help you uncover hidden fears, and help you discover how to use them to your advantage by utilizing the Self-Empowerment Coaching System!


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