Q & A (EP 60: The Vegan Life Coach Podcast)

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by a bloated belly, gotten bean-burn-out trying to eat more protein, or are curious about vegan meal services, Episode 60 of The Vegan Life Coach Podcast is for you!


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Packed full of golden nuggets, Stephanie and I address some of the most common questions our 6-Week Intuitive Food & Fitness Coaching Program Clients have as they get started in this episode.

The questions we address are:

  • I’ve been waking up with a bloated, soft belly lately. I’m eating vegan with almost all whole foods, working out 5 times a week, and I eat very little sodium. What could be the issue?
  • I’m tired of beans! What other plant foods will give me the protein I need to be strong and build muscle?
  • I’m too busy to cook! Are there any good vegan meal prep delivery services out there?

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