Ep #4: The Secret for Transforming Your Body & Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle you Love

transforming with vegan lifestyle

Are you tired of all the claims out there promising you transformation as you seek help on your path to adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle? (I know I am!)

The word “transformation” is often thrown around by personal trainers making promises about helping people achieve the lean, fit body they’ve always wanted. What these trainers are really talking about however, is change. 

We see the before and after images of the clients, following a strict diet and insane workout regiment, having made significant changes to their bodies.

What we DON’T see are images 6 months, a year, 5 years later, when 80+% of those people have gained all the weight back and then some. Their body changed, and then it changed back.

Transformation only happens when the ROOT issue as to WHY we’re not eating, exercising, and living in the ways that will bring us health and happiness is addressed.

Hence, this week’s Vegan Life Coach Podcast episode!

Get ready to learn the key to TRUE TRANSFORMATION in this empowering episode, which will help you on your path to a healthy, happy, and fulfilling vegan lifestyle you love. 

We keep it real and raw, and dig deep while leaving plenty of room for you to laugh and play with us on this and every episode.

We want you to be intimately involved in ways that will help you absorb the vegan-friendly transformational tools we teach and apply them to your life

Head on over to our Podcast page, where you can leave us a voice message with the questions you want answered (all things vegan, fitness, and mindset related), grab the awesome gift we have for you, AND even apply to be coached, live, on an upcoming episode! https://sexyfitvegan.com/podcast

Sending lots of love and high vibes your way.💚


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