3 Top Tips for Traveling Like a Sexy Fit Vegan Pro

Traveling as a vegan has become DRAMATICALLY easier the last couple of years (I would know, as I’ve been a traveling vegan for 24 years!)

Even airports are starting to get on board the vegan train thanks in part to the mass distribution of products like the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger, which are even hitting fast food joints like BurgerFi and Burger King.

My boyfriend recently texted me a photo of himself at the airport, excited to report he was chowing on a bagel with Daiya cream cheese!

Even though sticking with your healthy vegan lifestyle while traveling has become easier in some cities, it can still pose a challenge in less progressive areas, especially for vegan newbies, hence why I’m writing this article.

Here are my top 3 tips for traveling like a sexy fit vegan pro…

#1: Prepare Healthy, Hearty Food for the Plane

Many people often limit themselves to bringing only snack foods, like trail mix, chips, and candy with them on the plane. Instead, I have found that leaving the snacks behind, and instead bringing hearty, whole foods-based mini-meals works much better. That way, when I get hungry, I can eat something that is both healthy and satisfying, with the result of arriving at my destination feeling fantastic!

My “go-to” plane food is a chickpea salad I make by simply throwing together chickpeas, halved grape tomatoes, black olives, and avocado, tossing this with a little olive oil and Herbamare seasoning, and then adding micro-green sprouts and sunflower seeds. This meal is delicious, nutrient-packed, and keeps me feeling satiated for hours!

Start experimenting, and before long you’ll have your own “go-to’s” for your trips and it will be a no-brainer!

#2: Do our Research in Advance & Prepare Accordingly

There are many awesome apps now to help you navigate the food options in cities all over the world. Happy Cow is the oldest and possibly the most extensive website and app for finding vegan and vegan-friendly spots to eat.

Social media is also a great place to do your research these days by connecting with vegans in the places you’re traveling to. When I went to London last year for example, I join the “London Vegans” Facebook Group and was able to get great advice about vegan-friendly restaurants and markets.

To avoid getting hangry on your trip (which can really put a damper on one’s vacay), I recommend making sure you know where there is a market close to where you’re staying so that you can at least pick up a few items when you arrive, like apples and peanut butter to keep around as a snack (especially if you’re staying at a hotel without a refrigerator for restaurant leftovers).

 #3: Adopt an “Adventure Mindset”

If you’re familiar with my work, you already know I’m all about developing an empowered mindset, which allows people to make conscious, intentional, and mindful choices.

When traveling, I encourage you to leave your expectations at home, and think of the trip as an adventure, including making it fun to find the best vegan food in the city you’re visiting! Without expectations, you eliminate disappointment.

Doing research ahead of time is extremely helpful, but there can be  hidden gems that don’t show up on apps. Ask the locals!

Instead of relying solely on Yelp or Happy Cow, consider asking around once you arrive at your destination so that you don’t limit yourself to the more touristy restaurants and markets. I’ve found myself spending tons of time doing research in advance only to find that the best places end up being the spots that the locals have recommended. So take your eyes off the screens and interact with real people and have yourself an adventure!