Ep #2: Vegan Meal Planning is Out… Try Meal MAPPING

Vegan Meal Planning vs Meal Mapping

Do you find that vegan meal planning and prepping can seem daunting and exhausting?

In this episode we show you a way to make vegan easy with the concept of what we call “meal mapping.”

Personally, I find traditional meal planning tedious, time-consuming, and unsustainable, and I don’t even have human kids to take into consideration (my fur baby is easy to meal prep for ;)).

My co-host, Stephanie has a family with three children however, and she has mastered a system we’ve labeled, “meal mapping.” She breaks this system down, step by step on this episode. You’ll finish listening with a new sense of empowerment around your ability to consistently make healthy meals, without spending hours and hours researching, grocery shopping, or cooking.

Wherever you are on your path to a healthy vegan lifestyle, we’ve got your back with this practical and applicable episode!

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Sending lots of love and high vibes your way!💚


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  • How to shift your method of vegan meal planning to what we call, “meal mapping,” which is much more flexible, takes less time, is less overwhelming, and makes vegan easy!


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