How to Decode Cosmetic Labels for a Cruelty-Free Lifestyle


If You Love Cosmetics and Hate Animal Cruelty, This Guide for Decoding Labels and Living Cruelty-Free is For You!

Animals are wonderful creatures, and they should be loved, appreciated and cared for. However, the harsh reality is that despite a strong and intense campaigning against animal testing, numerous cosmetics companies continue with this abominable practice. Companies are now using tricky tactics to lead you to believe their products are cruelty-free when in reality they are not.

One of the ways to put an end to this is to boycott such brands and commit to purchasing only products that come from companies that are truly cruelty-free. However, this is easier said than done. Seeing the words ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘not tested on animals’ followed by a bunny picture on the product label may seem convincing enough, but these labels are often misleading.

While the company in question may not be testing their products on animals, more often than not they rely on other companies to do the ‘dirty work’ for them. That’s why we are here today, to give you the full scoop on how to spot genuine and honest cruelty-free companies and make wise and conscientious purchases.

Be aware of the loophole

As the awareness on the cruelty of animal testing rises, companies do everything in their power to distance themselves from the controversy and negative publicity they would face if their participation in the practice transpired. Instead of choosing not to test on animals, these companies manage to find loopholes by using third party testing. This means that animal testing could be done by an ingredient supplier, a lab formulating the products, an affiliate company or a parent company. That way the company has the freedom to market the product as cruelty-free, because ‘technically’ they are.

Don’t trust the label

When you see the phrase “this finished product was not tested on animals” it’s time to become suspicious and ask, “Is this product truly cruelty-free?” This is again another way companies try to make you believe the product in question is safe. The reality behind this facade of a phrase is that is that while the combination of products that make the finished product wasn’t tested on animals, individual ingredients may have still been tested on animals.reading cosmetic labels for animal products

On top of that, companies will often resort to ingredient names that don’t seem suspicious but animal derivatives are lurking under those names. That is why organizations such as PETA, who are dedicated to abolishing all kinds of animal cruelty, have created an extensive list of such ingredients to help raise awareness and know what to avoid in your quest to buy cruelty-free cosmetics.

The list includes everything from A – Adrenaline, which is code for hormone from adrenal glands of hogs, cattle, and sheep, to W – wax that comes from animals and plants and is used in the manufacturing of lipsticks, depilatories and hair straighteners. Make sure to study the entire list, print it out if you can’t remember it all (it’s surprisingly and scarily long), and make smart and kind choices.

Know where to turn to

choosing cruelty-free cosmetics

For further guidance, always turn to passionate advocates and organizations such as The Leaping Bunny and PETA whenever you are in doubt as to whether your potential future purchase will bring revenue to a company that still upholds to cruel practices. For instance, The Leaping Bunny has created an extensive, all-encompassing list of approved brands, so you always have a safe and verified place to turn to in pursuit of ethical shopping.

Another organization, the one based in Australia, a country that has become one of the leading ones in uncovering animal-testing companies, is the amazing CHOICE that has conducted a thorough investigation and came to a startling discovery that a great number of companies conduct animal testing without telling the consumers.

There is hope though… using the resources now available, we can make conscious choices about the products we buy and the companies we support with our purchases. Case in point – Ultraceuticals, an Australian skincare brand which is truly cruelty-free and neither tests on animals nor uses animal derivatives. All hope is not lost, you just need to know where to look for a safe cosmetics heaven.

Not all bunnies are created equal

Cruelty-Free Labels

As CHOICE warns us, “just because they’ve put a bunny on it, doesn’t make it cruelty-free. Look for an official logo from one of the third party certifiers.” There are different kinds of bunnies, so the next time you go shopping, make sure you have this picture printed out, carry it around with you and trust only the product that have the bunny on the left.




Top 5 Superfoods and Their Beauty Benefits


There is a well-known saying ‘you are what you eat’, and luckily, more and more people are turning to healthy (not to mention cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan) nutrition, eating more superfoods, and reaping the beauty benefits.superfood-to-make-you-beautiful

It does not only do wonders for your overall fitness and health, but healthy nutrition also has amazing benefits when it comes to beauty. The saying that beauty comes from within has never been more true and evident.

Healthy body, glowing skin – what is there not to love? And this could all be yours if you just include the following five superfoods into your daily nutrition. Once you go super, you will never look back.

Leaves for Life

By going green, we do not only mean recycling and being careful with your waste, but literally taking the green route when it comes to your nutrition. From green tea to spinach, any green foliage will do. Antioxidants and fatty acids found in green foods can help you hydrate and protect your skin from free-radicals and harmful molecules, reduce skin inflammation and slow the aging process by stimulating collagen production.
Speaking of green, let us not forget about algae, especially spirulina, which helps with detoxification, cleaning and cell renewal, and combats acne on top of everything else.

The Greenest of Them All

plants-that-are-good-for-beautyLet us talk about the wonder that is matcha. Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. In terms of its antioxidant and nutritional content, it holds the equivalent of ten cups of regular green tea. Apart from this, matcha contains chlorophyll, catechins, vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, protein and calcium. All of these serve as powerful tools in skincare.

The best part – it transcends nutrition and has become an active ingredient of organic skincare products used by many cosmetics powerhouses. It is amazing how cosmetics and skincare companies have realized the value of natural ingredients and are catering to the needs of those who wish to look beautiful, but who are also conscious about the environment and mindful of the ingredients they allow to touch their face.

Very Berryblueberries-for-beauty

Sure, you have heard of the amazing health benefits of blueberries, but are you familiar with goji berries? First off, these amazing berries are loaded with vitamin C that has antioxidant properties, which is especially important when combating premature skin-aging. Aside from vitamin C, this magical exotic berry is also important because of the fatty acids it contains, helping the skin be hydrated and rejuvenated.

Therefore, the next time you make a killer smoothie, be sure to hunt down this berry and pop it into your blender, but also look for skin products, especially natural anti-aging creams, that contain this berriest of all the berries out there.

Bring on the SeedSuper-Seeds-for-Beauty

We realize that flax seeds, chia seeds and seeds in general are great for our metabolism and the well-being of our digestive flora, but did you know that they work wonders for the well-being and hydration of your skin as well? These little things are loaded with omega 3 – healthy fatty acids that guarantee full hydration and incredible silkiness of your skin.


Nut About Coconut (Oil)coconuts-for-beauty

So, in case you were wondering, no, they are not just a great part of your nutrition, but they are amazing for skincare. We suggest you go browsing for your next chia-based skin elixir or oil now.

Coconut oil has taken the beauty and health world by storm seemingly overnight, and everyone is jumping on the coconut bandwagon for a great reason. It is not only great for food preparation, thanks to its numerous advantages over many other conventional oils, but the craze for it in the beauty community is almost unbelievable. It serves as a great natural substitute for body lotions, and it can be used as a hair mask to get that extra silk and shine you have been coveting.
Aside from that, it is a gentle yet powerful, not to mention nutritive makeup remover as well as lip balm, and it has at least twenty useful beauty roles.

Now that you are all caught up with this super trend, which one of these gifts of nature are you going to put to the test first?