Backstage Pass to a Real-Life Coaching Session

Are you wondering what it is like to get coached by Stephanie and I? Well, today you get to find out! This is our very first real-life coaching session we’re sharing here on the Vegan Life Coach Podcast, and we couldn’t be more excited for this special episode. And you get a backstage pass. 

Coaching sessions are something we want to feature here on the podcast, and this means you could be on the show with us too. If you’d like to be featured in a real-life coaching session on the podcast, fill out the application form below. The session is free, but it will take some courage because we’ll be sharing it with all of our listeners. Keep in mind however, that vulnerability is something that we talk about a lot, as you’ll hear in this episode with our guest, Andrea. 

Andrea submitted a form for the real-life coaching session and outlined some of the things that she was interested in. She is an entrepreneur. She has her swimming instruction business, that she and her husband run together. Andrea has recently had a significant weight loss after going completely whole food and now plant-based. 

She and Stephanie had a fantastic connection. So I think that you all are going to fall in love with her like we did, because she has such an intensity about her that is intriguing and engaging.

Stephanie and Andrea began the conversation discussing supplements and food. But to come right down to it, Andrea has a lot more going on underneath all of that. And don’t we all? The food, the supplements, and the exercise, are actually the easy part. True transformation is all about that mindset work, and getting to the core beliefs that keep us stuck in self-sabotaging cycles.

If you haven’t listened to episode four and seven yet, we recommend you go back and listen to those prior to checking out this one because you’ll get so much more out of this real-life coaching session after listening to those episodes too. 

We’d love to hear about your experience listening to this episode, and how helpful you found it to be (or not to be)! Email [email protected]. I read and reply to every email myself because your feedback is so incredibly valuable… This podcast is for YOU!



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