Favorite Milk Swaps

Vegan Milk

Top Milk Substitutes:

Flax Milk-VeganBrand: Good Karma

Product: Flax Milk Protein + (unsweetened)

Brand: Blue Diamond

Products: Almond-Coconut Milk Blend, Almond Milk, & Coconut Milk (all unsweetened)

almond-coconut-milkWhen it comes to store bought milk substitutes, I find that Good Karma is my favorite followed by Blue Diamond when it comes to the best flavor and consistency. It works great as a drink on its own, with cereal, in shakes, coffee or tea, and for cooking and baking. For cereal I like the almond-coconut blend, vanilla flavor best. When I cook vegan mac & cheese I use the regular flax milk milk. And when I make shakes its usually the Flax Milk Protein+ vanilla. I always get the unsweetened versions and simply add a dash of stevia if I need to sweeten it  so that it remains the low in calories per serving without any sugar!





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