PlantPure Nation Documentary Review


I was thrilled when I learned I had an opportunity to go to a screening of the new documentary about plant-based eating, PlantPure Nation.

When I learned that PlantPure Nation was being brought to us by the same producers as Forks Over Knives (2011) I was especially excited to check it out. (If you haven’t seen Forks Over Knives, read my review HERE!)

The documentary is narrated by Nelson Campbell, son of renowned nutrition researcher and co-author of the best-seller The China Study, Dr. T Colin Campbell. The film basically picks up where Forks Over Knives left off, focusing less on convincing the viewer that a whole foods vegan diet plan is the way to go, and more on how we, the people, need to take the initiative and come together to demand our rights when it comes to accessibility of information and availability of fresh, whole plant foods. PlantPure Nation follows the journey of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Nelson Campbell, and Kentucky State Senator Tom Riner as they work tirelessly to start a grassroots movement as well as pass legislation that will bring awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet to the public eye.

During the course of the film, you go on the road with Nelson as he leads pilot 10-day “jumpstarts” starting in the unlikely small town of Mebane, NC, where Southern charm and barbeque make up the culture. Here he manages to gather 16 participants who receive education, medical exams, and prepared fresh vegan meals for a 10-day period. As you witnessed in Forks Over Knives, the participants were overwhelmed with the results after the ten days when their total and bad (LDL) cholesterol dropped by an average of 20%.

PlantPure Nation also emphasises the role of the medical community, featuring several doctors who testify to the fact that nutrition is hardly a part of their education or professional development at all. They are trained to write prescriptions for drugs. One doctor even threw out the idea that it would be legitimate if one day, it would be considered malpractice for doctors to NOT educate their patients about how a whole foods, plant-based diet can prevent, treat, and often reverse chronic conditions and disease.plantpure nation

This documentary is both powerful and informative. For people like me with a short attention span, Nelson speaks a bit on the slow side, but I believe this is necessary to clearly get his points across, especially to those hearing the information for the first time. You spend a large part of the movie inside the offices of politicians and inside governmental walls, so be prepared to learn a great deal about the legislative process which can be a bit tedious, though vital in order to further grassroots efforts to make change. 

The take-home message is that we have the power to create a movement and revolutionize our health care system and save both our own lives and the lives of people in the U.S. and all over the world. PlantPure Nation is not just a movie, it’s a movement… a movement with structure. They have started something called “PlantPure Pods” which are being formed on the local level all over the country. The Pods are groups of people coming together to bring awareness and start positive change within their communities.

You can join your local Pod HERE. I did… join me!


Fed Up Documentary Review

Fed Up Documentary

I just watched the documentary “Fed Up” and it PISSED ME OFF, which is exactly why I think it is so great!

The documentary is about why America and other modernized parts of the world are so fat! Way too fat! The statistics are unreal. 2/3’s of Americans are overweight. In 20 years if things don’t change 90-95% of Americans will be overweight. 90-95%!!! Do you know why?? One word…..SUGAR, and the food industry is solely responsible! They have been manipulating and lying just so they can make more money and they are killing people and ruining lives without any concern whatsoever.

The film shows the lives of a few different overweight children and how they are trying to lose weight, which they are unsuccessful with until they finally understand HOW TO EAT. It’s not about a diet. It’s not about exercise. It’s a way of life and a majority of people have NO IDEA how amazing it feels to live it because people are so addicted to sugar and it’s done on purpose. Why? Because the food industry execs want to keep the dollars rolling in, so they hide sugar in everything and anything just to make it more appealing, to make it taste better, to make you want more of it. I was aware that processed foods are terrible but I had no idea how much sugar they are putting in everything, including “health food”. It’s disgusting!

Basically anything that comes in a package is going to make you fat if you are not careful, but why on earth would anyone knowingly put poison into their bodies??? THEY WOULDN’T! That’s why when you look at the nutrition labels on your food, you will notice that they don’t include the daily percentage of sugar per serving. Why?? Well because if you are on a diet and you read the label on a “healthy” item and you see that the daily percentage of sugar for one serving is upwards of 200% then you probably wouldn’t buy it. FOR ONE SERVING. Think about a whole day….this is why people are fat and don’t have any clue how to fix it. They are being poisoned. It’s unfair and I’m pissed about it and I can’t understand how it’s legal!

This film is great and I highly encourage you to watch it! You will probably get pissed too, you definitely will learn something and hopefully you will share what you learn and encourage the people around you to start  educating themselves….especially those of you with children. High five to Katie Couric who is an executive producer and narrator of the film, for a job well done! 

I took this photo yesterday of the nutrition label on my kale… where is the daily percentage of sugar? 


Documentary Review: Forks Over Knives

Vegan Documentary

Forks Over Knives is my favorite documentary about the effects of adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet to date.

The Forks Over Knives Documentaryscientific data presented throughout the film is staggering. I felt like every minute of the film held my attention. And the quality of the directing and videography was top notch.

Forks Over Knives co-stars Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, a book that presents the results of the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever performed. Dr. Esselstyn, the other costar, brought his experience and expertise from the clinical setting. But both discovered the same thing… Eating a whole foods, plant based diet, free from all animal products and byproducts, can prevent and even cure the diseases that kill millions of people every year, including heart disease and cancer.

After viewing the documentary, I was able to convince my mother and my newly declared boyfriend both to watch it within the next 24 hours. I want to share with you the text conversation (yes, I am a big texter, I admit) I had with my boyfriend, Rob, because maybe it will help you convince your loved ones to watch!:

Ella: “Please promise me you will watch this documentary… Forks Over Knives… It’s all about real scientific research on our nutrition, particularly as related to disease including cancer, prevention, and cures. Cuz I care about you. Please promise! I bought it on itunes.”

Rob (12 hours after texting me to say he promised): I watched that movie and I’m totally switching to eating Vegan! You’d have to be half [stupid] to see that n continue to eat meat n crap, I’m just going to need your help 🙂

It was music to my ears!! There is nothing I want more than to help him, and every single person in the world who wants to adopt a vegan diet!!! So download or order the DVD Forks Over Knives now, and lets get this revolution rockin’!