Woman Meets Weights Online Summit – Join Me!

Woman Meets Weights Summit

Over the thirteen years I’ve been working with people in the gym, one of the most common fears of women is that they will get bulky by lifting weights.

“I just want to tone up,” and “I’m just looking to get lean,” are two of the most common reactions to lifting weights. There is a fundamental lack of understanding about what lifting weights does to a woman’s body that needs to be established.

So when IFPA Pro David Sean contacted me to be part of the Woman Meets Weights summit I happily agreed to an interview.
This online free fitness summit was created to talk about why women can dominate the weight room, use weights for fat loss, and the
best topic of all – why strong is the new skinny. There will be 21 interviews over 21 days with top fitness experts sharing how the most fit women today use strength training to develop a lean, strong, healthy body and improve their sports performance.
It is so important for the empowerment of women to be throwing weights around, so join the summit and learn how to do it right!
Ready to jump in?!
I really hope you join us! Simply click HERE to learn more and register.
Woman Meets Weights Summit