Lessons from “Those People” Who Walk Their Dogs in Strollers

I have a fun little story with a huge life lesson to share with you…

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had just finished kickboxing class, riding my post-workout high.

I started on the walk to my boyfriend’s place with my chihuahua Shye. Shye is about 12 years old with a huge personality and the spirit of a fighter. She is the unofficial Sobekick mascot… She practically owns the place! 

She’s in great health when it comes to her internal organs. She has, however started to struggle what arthritis and can’t always walk the long distances she used to.

Now let me preface the next part of this story by saying that if you had told me 10 years ago that I’d be walking down the streets of South Beach pushing my dog in a stroller, I would have laughed uncontrollably. I would have said there is no way in hell I’m going to be one of those people who pushes their dog in a stroller… and yet there I was, pushing my dog in a stroller!

As I saw the looks from some of the people passing by a few things occurred to me. First, I realized that many of those people were probably thinking, “H
ow ridiculous!” or “That’s SO South Beach” or even “That poor dog… Dogs need to walk!” Then I thought, “I was just like those people, thinking those thoughts not all that long ago!”

The second realization was that I truly did NOT care that I was being judged!  I walked proudly with Shye happily riding in, what we named, her “Rover!” This was proof that all the empowerment work I’ve done for myself the last many years has and continues to shift my state of being from one operating in part from a place of shame and anxiety, to one of love and confidence.

For the rest of our walk I wore a perma-grin, feeling energized, empowered, and oh so grateful to be moving through life with the tools I now have.

I’m sharing this experience with you because I am dedicated to helping you achieve the self-worth, freedom, and abundance that my Plant-Empowered Coaching Program clients and I now embody.

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23-year vegan veteran, Ella Magers founded Sexy Fit Vegan® in 2012 to bring veganism into the mainstream. Ella runs a transformational coaching program that empowers clients to build a healthy relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves as they create a fit, vegan life they love! Check out her FREE Master Class: https://sexyfitvegan.com/masterclass

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