New Go-To Vegan Restaurant in South Beach is a Hit!


Meet Sheryn Abalos, celebrity vegan chef and owner of Plant Theory Botanical Cafe, a fresh new vegan restaurant in South Beach with much to offer!

Plant Theory Miami Vegan Restaurant Owner Sheryn Abalos

Vegan Restaurant in South Beach-Plant Theory Botanical Cafe
I caught up with the busy vegan chef (who has an infectious smile and contagious positive energy by the way) to find out more about her vision and the secret behind creating such a unique neighborhood vegan restaurant.

Ella: What is your vegan-background? When did you go vegan, why, and how has it shaped your life?

Sheryn: My family was having shake and bake chicken for dinner, and when I took a  bite of the drumstick and saw the little bones and purple veins I realized it was once a living bird. Then, the next day we had a whole baked fish with the head and everything looking back at me. I read what they did to cows and couldn’t justify eating them. As far as dairy is concerned, once I cut it out of my diet I began breathing better and all my skin issues went away. Concerning eggs, I couldn’t eat them after I found out they were unfertilized eggs. All of those factors combined pretty much made me vegan, and while people think it’s harder but for me, it actually cuts out a lot of the crap and makes life easier!

Ella: What made you think Plant Theory Botanical Cafe would be a successful concept in this location at this time?

SherynI think the standard American diet is in dire straits and finally people are making the connection that it does matter what you eat and where it’s from. The majority of fatal diseases are diet related. What better place than South beach to open a restaurant where people can enjoy healthy food that will help them look and feel their best for years and years to come?!

Ella: In what ways is your spot different than other vegan and/or healthy restaurants opening in the area?

SherynNumber one we are truly vegan without any compromises such as honey, animal by products etc… We also use organic produce and supplies, and use eco-sustainable products. Our market focus on small artisan crafters you cannot find easily in Miami. Additionally, we are 98% raw with one hot soup and globally inspired special a day. We are a community space and love sharing our space for holistic events and community gatherings.

Ella: What are your top 3 recommendations from the menu for someone to try first?

SherynWow only 3! That’s hard!
1. Raw Lasagna
2. Grilled Artichoke and Raisin Wrap
3. Raw Save the Salmon Burger
4.  Raw Picadillo Salad

Ella: What advice do you have for people who are new to the idea of veganism and are interested in moving in that direction?

Sheryn: Just try substituting one regular meal with a plant based one at least once a day then increase it as you feel better. Educate yourself… There are so many free resources and community events out there for support and great recipes.

Ella: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Sheryn: Connecting with our food allows us to pause and realize what and even how you we eating. Eating should be true nourishment for the mind body and spirit. Stop by and experience Plant Theory, it’s a great community space for everyone!


Menu Item from Plant Theory Botanical Cafe Miami Beach

Vegan menu item from Plant Theory-Vegan Restaurant in Miami Beach


Acai Bowl from Plant Theory-Vegan Restaurant in Miami Beach

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