Vegan Fitness Challenge Group: Fit Vegan Living Made Fun!


If you’ve ever been stuck in a food or fitness rut when you needed some extra vegan fitness motivation, join the club!

No really… Join the Vegan Fitness Challenge club!

Starting next month, June 2017, we will be taking on a vegan fitness challenge the first five weekdays of every month. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated or bored with your current routine, or you want to prevent getting to that point, this closed Facebook Group is the perfect way to evoke some excitement and add variety to your current food and/or fitness routine.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce the group, invite you to join, and get you stoked for our first challenge which begins June 5th, 2017!

Here’s the Dealvegan fitness challenge group at Sobekick in Miami

Many of us thrive on challenges. We all want to be our best selves, but often times we get lost when it comes to implementing a structured approach to improving ourselves. Challenges provide a structured process for stepping outside of our comfort zones. And guess what… We need to get uncomfortable in order to make true changes to our bodies and our lives. This goes for both food, fitness, and mindset.

Vegan Fitness Challenge group to the rescue!

Bottom Line

Having a supportive community to guide you through a vegan fitness challenge truly sets you up for success with motivation and inspiration.

Our group also adds the accountability factor. When I ask clients starting my 8-week coaching program, “What are you missing?” The number one answer is accountability followed by guidance and knowledge.

How it Works

Every month I will be announcing the details of the vegan fitness challenge. The challenge always begins on the first Monday of the month and lasts through Friday (5 days).

Each vegan fitness challenge will be made up of 3 parts.

Part I: Eat vegan and post at least one food pic or video each day.

Part II: Complete the workout I provide and post a picture or video of you working out each day.

Part III: Complete the mindset exercise I provide each day.

What You Need

The drive to challenge yourself and the desire to be fit, strong, and healthy from the inside out is all you need to succeed as part of the Vegan Fitness Challenge group.

What You Don’t Need

Equipment. The vegan fitness challenges will not require any special equipment so that everyone can participate no matter where you are or what you have access to.

You also don’t need to be vegan to challenge yourself to eat plant-exclusive for 5 days out of the month. Anyone can do it and I’ll be there throughout the process. I’ll be answering questions and giving tips on vegan nutrition, preparing your own vegan snacks and meals, and how to eat out as a vegan.Vegan Fitness Challenge Group award

It Gets Better!

Every month I will be awarding one participant my book, The Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan! I will be shipping the book to the person who has goes above and beyond with their posting throughout the 5 days of the challenge!

How to Join

Our Vegan Challenge Facebook group is closed, meaning you can request to join and I will be approving the requests. I’m choosing a closed instead of public group because I insist that the group be full of positive juju! A supportive community of like-minded people ready and willing to support, motivate, and inspire one another. The group is a judgement-free zone. Anyone violating the awesome vibe of the group will be removed immediately.

Maximize Your Vegan Fitness Challenges Group Experience!

Step 1

Learn more about the Vegan Fitness Challenges Facebook group HERE and request to join HERE.

Step 2

Let’s Do This!