Real Men Eat Plants, Not Meat

Real Men Eat Plants

I am certainly someone who has been breaking the vegan stereotypes since I was young, and I think the mold is quickly transforming when it comes to women going vegan… now it’s time for the men to catch up!

Vegan Club Brad PittI’m into “manly” men. They are my “type” and I’m telling you right now, a guy who fits the mold of a macho man in most ways (is a sports fan, tattoos, beer-drinker, knows how to fix things, lifts weights, etc.) AND eats plants instead of meat wins the title of REAL MAN by a long shot!

Meat and machismo have always gone hand in hand… no more! There’s nothing manlier to me than a man eating Gardein wings while he watches football and drinks a beer. And a guy putting Beyond Meat‘s Beast Burger in his shopping cart… that’s what I call sexy. Just look at some of the male celebs who are vegan, some of whom have been plant-based for 10+ years (click on each for some current info):

I have lived in Miami Beach the majority of my adult life and I will be the first to admit the dating scene here can be rough, and a successful relationship can be tough. I will say that I have been fortunate enough to have found guys that I was able to have long-term relationships with in part because they fully respected my vegan lifestyle, even though they were not vegan themselves. Respect is a requirement, along with an open mind and a desire to make moves in the direction of a healthier, more compassionate and conscious diet and lifestyle. Dating a non-vegan is not easy for me, just as dating a vegan is not easy for non-vegans. 

From the health aspect alone, when I see my man eating animal products it’s had not to think about the damage the food is doing to his health, just as it would be to see your partner smoking a cigarette. It’s a completely valid concern when it comes to the person you love. Then, when it comes to animals and the environment, it’s hard to understand how my man can put the animal cruelty and environmental destruction factors aside and continue to put dead flesh in his mouth. That being said, everyone is different in how they process information and emotions. I believe the best way to promote the vegan lifestyle I believe so strongly in, is to continue to do what I’m doing… leading by example, educating, and inspiring as many people as I possibly can in a positive, sexy way!

I may not have turned boyfriends vegan, but I can happily and truthfully say I have made a huge positive impact on the eating habits of all my boyfriends past. I look forward to meeting more and more real men who step up their game by embracing a macho vegan lifestyle in the near future if they haven’t already!



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