Adopting a Healthy Vegan Diet Plan: The Fruit vs. Sugar Confusion


We hear it all the time… “Sugar is bad!” But what does that mean when it comes to adopting a vegan diet plan that is both healthy and delicious?

There is no question that refined sugar is our enemy in so many ways. Eating refined sugar makes your body into an environment that supports illness and disease, and quite simply, it makes you fat! There are countless reasons to avoid refined sugar. Read 78 of those reasons HERE. There are also many names for refined sugars you may be unfamiliar with. These are important to know so you can recognize hidden sugar listed in the ingredients on nutrition labels. Familiarize yourself with THESE.

Where confusion comes in, is when the topic of fruit arises. Fruit contains sugar. Some people claim that eating fruit will have the same adverse effects on our health as eating sugar in other forms. NOT TRUE!!! Eating whole fruits is incredibly beneficial to our health! To explain, please watch this incredibly interesting short VIDEO by Dr. Michael Gregor. He is my most trusted source of unbiased, up-to-date nutritional information. He scours all the latest research and compiles short videos and articles that bring clarity to pertinent health issues.

In conclusion, EAT FRUIT! Organic whenever possible, especially when it comes to berries. Berries may be the most beneficial fruits that exist so add them to your shakes and cereal as often as you can. The fiber in whole fruit makes eating it whole the healthiest option, but drinking fresh juice does still deliver antioxidants and other nutrients to our bodies. Whole fruit makes a super snack on it’s own, especially  shortly before a workout to give you a burst of energy that digests quickly so you aren’t working out on a full stomach. 

Now you can enjoy fruit and know you are doing your body good with every bite. Enjoy!


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