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Conscious Bite Out Vegan Event Recap

Conscious Bite Out teamed with Seed Food and Wine Festival, Whole Foods Market, and Basil Park, for an outstanding vegan event I was fortunate enough to attend last night!

My boyfriend and I were greeted by Seed Food and Wine Festival co-founders Alison Burgos and Michelle Gaber making their own special recipe for spicy mango margaritas… no better way to start a night out!

Seed-Food-&-Wine-Allison-&-MichelleWe mingled during cocktail hour, meeting many interesting people with different stories leading to how they ended up at the event that night. The venue, Basil Park, was gorgeous, and the staff was friendly and made the experience excellent from start to end.

Once seated, we got to start with the wine… John Salley‘s The Vegan Vine wine. Outstanding! Our table-mates, a couple from Pinecrest, kept us busy with fascinating conversation all evening as we were served one delectable course after the other. Conscious Bite Out’s Veronica Menin gave a thoughtful intro and closing and was an incredibly gracious host. We also got to hear a few words from Alison about the upcoming Seed Food and Wine Festival 2015 in Miami, which I’m already pumped for (it will be here before we know it, November 18-22)!


Concsious Bite Out Vegan Event

Thank you to everyone involved with making this awesome event such a hit, bringing people from all over together to have some fun, enjoy delicious food and drinks, while raising awareness about how we can all come together to make this world a better place!

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