Brooks Running Company: Environmentally Conscious & Employee Friendly!

Brooks Running Company Eco-Friendly


For any of you who are avid runners such as myself, you may know that it is not easy to find a great running shoe, much less vegan running shoe, that can support the wear and tear hitting the pavement can put on your knees and feet.

Even more challenging is finding a brand that is also environmentally conscious… well I found one! Actually I know this brand well from back in my days of executive recruiting and they are awesome! Brooks Running Company is based in Seattle, Washington and not only are they conscious of the environment but they also treat their employees like gold and invest a lot of time and energy into really creating an exceptional running shoe. There is not another brand that I can think of that focuses specifically on running like Brooks does and their customers are usually loyal for a lifetime! They offer a great variety, with plenty of bold or neutral designs to choose from. They not only sell shoes, but additionally apparel and gear all designed specifically for runners. I am certainly a fan and if you don’t have a brand you love when it comes to running yet, I highly suggest you check them out. They are sold across various retailers all over the U.S. and you can also shop online.


Moo Shoes: Eco-Friendly Shoes & Bags

Moo-Shoes are Vegan Friendly

Moo Shoes is a vegan retailer with stores in New York City and LA as well as an online cruelty-free boutique.

This vegan company is family owned and they offer a variety of items for both men and women, expanding beyond footwear. They carry more than 30 different brands which are all Eco-friendly, socially and environmentally conscious. I recognized quite a few on the list and from browsing through the site I found a lot of cool stuff I could see myself or my babe rockin! Definitely focused in the comfort/lifestyle category, but an all around nice variety and a great way to discover new vegan brands! Check them out at

Here are some items I snagged for you to take a peek at…. 🙂