Why You’ll Never Arrive at Your Happy Place (And Why This is Good News!)

If you’re waiting to “arrive” at a place of happiness, free from all the damn problems keeping you stuck in stress-mode I’ve got good and bad news for you… Which do you want first?

I’ll start with the bad… You will NEVER arrive at that happy place!

And now for the good… You will NEVER arrive at that happy place!

Let’s first discuss what comes to mind when you envision your happy place.

If you’re thinking happiness can only be achieved when you’re free from problems and stress, than it would seem to me you’re looking forward to death! Problems and stress are part of the human experience (don’t worry, I’ll explain why).

We often walk around in a state of constant anxiety, ferociously working to solve our problems. The fallacy of our thought process is that problems are never-ending. Once you solve a problem, you will undoubtedly be faced with a new one. This cycle is another necessary part of having the full human experience. 

As long as you’re learning from the process of solving your problems, you go through life collecting more and more tools to take out of your toolbox as new challenges and obstacles arise. Problems create discomfort, and it is only outside of our comfort zone that we learn and grow. It’s pretty cool if you really think about it!

Now that we’ve established that you’ll always have problems, we can say with confidence that the absence of problems is not the answer to finding happiness.

Happiness is also not waiting for you to lose weight, find the perfect relationship, or get your dream job. So where is it? Happiness can ONLY be found right NOW within YOU! 

Happiness does not occur in the past or future. Happiness is only available in the present moment.

In the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program, Stephanie (our head mindset coach) and myself help our clients unlock that happiness.

We teach a life-changing self-coaching system that allows you to identify the blocks keeping you stuck. The system gives you a structured method for purposefully writing a new story for yourself and your life. Now THAT’S EMPOWERMENT! (You don’t have to take it from me though, check out what our clients are saying HERE.)

The last thing I want to mention today is that by using the word, “happiness”, I am not referring to feeling joy all the time. Without sadness, we wouldn’t know joy. Without frustration we wouldn’t know elation. We NEED the negative emotion to experience the positive, and it’s all part of this game we call life. 

By “happiness” I mean a feeling of strength, confidence, and unconditional love. I mean feeling like you have power over your thoughts and choices. I mean truly believing that YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are right now.