Miami Beach Vegan Restaurant Review: Full Bloom


Full Bloom, a new gourmet vegan restaurant in Miami Beach recently opened it’s doors and I couldn’t wait to check it out!Full-Bloom-Vegan-Restaurant-View-web

I have been living in South Beach for 13 years and although more vegan spots have been popping up in recent years, we haven’t had any gourmet vegan restaurants to choose from… until now. Full Bloom is not only upscale, but it has a killer location with a gorgeous Full-Bloom-Vegan-Restaurant-Owners-webview overlooking Biscayne Bay and the downtown Miami skyline. I can’t speak highly enough about the creative and gracious founders, Omar Barberini, Nicola Dominici, and Alessandro Farana, whose mission is, “to bring animal-caring, health conscious cuisine to food levels in Miami and provide an intimate special dining experience.”

Full Bloom is off to a great start in fulfilling their mission. The ambiance is classy, the vibe friendly, and the food delicious.

The menu can be considered “vegan fusion” with great variety. I had recruited my ex-boo to take me on a date and although he is not on a vegan diet plan, he was as impressed with the menu as I was. We started out with cocktails. Although the restaurant does not have a full liquor license, they are able to serve low a.b.v. liquor and can therefore still whip up some refreshing cocktails using fresh pressed juice. Rob and I got different margarita varieties with paprika salt which were wonderful. They also have a good wine selection.Full-Bloom-Vegan-Restaurant-Cocktails-web

They started us out with some bruschetta that came with a shot of vegetable puree. Yum!!! We then ordered a couple appetizers… the mac and cheese side (my pick) and vegetable tempura (Rob’s pick). The mac and cheese was awesome, and it was such a large portion I had to resist eating too much! Although I rarely eat fried food so I’m no tempura expert but wow, this tempura was outstanding, and the daikon soy sauce was the perfect compliment. 


Choosing a main course was a challenge because all the dishes sounded so appetizing. We ended up ordering the farro risotto of the day and veggie fajitas. By the time these dishes arrived we were both fairly full already so we had a few bites and packed the rest to go (we ended up eating it later the same night). The risotto had a delightful flavor. If you try it, just keep in mind farro is an ancient grain that has a different, more course, texture than the rice typically used to make risotto dishes. The veggie fajitas were also incredibly flavorful and delicious. If I order these again I will ask them to include grilled tofu or tempeh for the added texture and protein  The menu was packed with so many items that interested me that I was already feeling excited to go back and try out more!Full-Bloom-Vegan-restaurant-Farro-and-Fajitias-web

The service we received was impeccable. (This is a statement that unfortunately cannot be said for many restaurants in South Beach.) I can say with confidence, “At Full Bloom you can expect the nothing but the best.”

I highly recommend the Full Bloom Gourmet Vegan Cuisine experience…. so check it out and let me know your favorite dishes!Full-Bloom-Vegan-Restaurant-with-Rob-web