Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brand: Jungle Gurl


I love this eco-friendly swim line by Natalie Golonka: Jungle Gurl… this is what I call vegan fashion! 

Former model turned designer, Natalie Golonka’s swimwear brand, Jungle Gurl is a line where she takes vintage garments and transforms them into stylish and funky bikinis. Sounds like something I would do and I love the suits! They are so cute! She started her brand because she could never find a swimsuit that she liked and what a creative way she chose to do that. The best part is since she uses vintage materials, it means that the suits are one-of-a-kind which I also love. I love knowing that whatever I’m wearing is original and even better knowing there is a history besides coming off the production line at a huge manufacturing company. Everything is better when it’s made with LOVE. : )

You can find her designs in Barneys, Fred Segal and Intermix just to name a few. There is a full list on the website at or even better buy one on line and have it custom made which is totally the route I would take. Love the Hawaiian inspiration and she didn’t leave the boys out so check out what she has for them as well! Way to go Natalie for creating something truly unique. Love it!