Celebrate Earth Day Every Day… Go Vegan!

Earth Day

Did you know that going vegan is the single most effective way you can help reduce the destruction of our planet?

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today is a day to take a closer look at how each of us can contribute to saving earth and reducing our environmental foot print. We are used to hearing the most obvious ways to save resources, stop pollution, and slow rain forest destruction… take shorter showers, buy hybrid/electric cars, water the lawn after dusk, don’t buy aerosol cans, etc. etc. What we don’t usually hear, is the fact that by simply adopting a plant-based diet, you will be contributing FAR more than ANYTHING else you could do! 

If you don’t believe me, or if you do and would love to get others on board, I want to introduce you to an incredible film called “Cowspiracy.” This documentary was created by a meat-eater who simply cared about the environment and set out to discover the ways he could help make a difference. It is unbiased, highly informative, and even entertaining. The film is now being offered for just $1 in celebration of Earth Day. Check it out HERE!

Also, check out this great infographic with the astonishing facts on the impact of our actions on the environment…


So show love to yourself, to animals, AND to the planet, by going vegan!!!