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Sexy Fit Vegan Celebrity of the Month August, 2015


August’s Sexy Fit Vegan® Celebrity of the Month goes to 4-time NBA champion, talk show host, wellness advocate, and 8-year vegan John Salley

John has been successful in the countless ventures he has taken on, both on and off the court, and I’m also fortunate enough to call him Ella Magers with John Salley at Seed Food and Wine Festivala friend! As it states on his website:

“Most can achieve a goal and be pleasantly satisfied with their results but to continually create new tasks to accomplish and to reinvent yourself is the mark of a versatile and motivated individual.  It is the definition of father, athlete, actor, entrepreneur, talk show host, philanthropist, wellness advocate, vegan and champion: John Salley.”

I first met John at the 2014 Seed Food and Wine Festival. His charisma and wit make him fun to listen to as a public speaker, and easy to talk to as an individual. He has the ability to captivate his audience, which makes him an effective healthy vegan lifestyle advocate. In one of my favorite interview clips, John is asked what he misses about eating meat… his answer is clever and so true! Check it out HERE

A few of John’s John Salley Vegan Vine Winecurrent projects are of particular interest to me. First, he took an ownership role with Vegan Vine wine, a family-owned company that produces vegan wine. Many people don’t realize that many wines are not vegan-friendly because they are often processed using animal products and bi-products (such as fish bladder and casein, a milk protein). John’s goal partnering with Vegan Vine was to educate the vegan and wine drinking community about these non-vegan processing methods of wine production.

Another one of John’s current wellness-related projects is his “Betta Life Challenge,” where he challenges you to take on 22 days of a vegan-detoxing diet. Participants are also offered the opportunity to order a 7, 14 or 21 day plant-based meal delivery service to make the detox easier to tackle at home. The meals are not only vegan, they are also gluten free, nut free, and organic. Betta Life Challenge Meal Delivery

John Salley has many more projects in the works, including producing more vegan-related video content, so be on the lookout!

Last, I would like to express my gratitude to John for his support of Sexy Fit Vegan®. He authored the forward for my new book, “Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan” which comes out December 15th (currently available for pre-sale). Thanks John!!!

Connect with John via twitter (@thejohnsalley), Facebook, (/theJohnSalley), and Instagram (@johnsalley).


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