Calico Dragon Vegan Bags

Calico Dragon Vegan Bags



Calico Dragon is a super cool line of vegan bags and the best part it was started with the sole purpose of benefiting animals.

Not only does the brand donate a portion of their sales to various animal charities, but they also have cruelty-free messages incorporated into the designs. According to their website, the “bags are completely vegan and constructed from up-cycled materials. Since we order such a small number of bags, the fabric used to make our bags is purchased from factories out of their “scrap” material, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. Heavy duty construction along with a bold message presented in an artistic fashion make these bags truly unique!”  Love it!!  The bags are such a bargain as well! Priced from as little as $15.00. Check out these cool bags on their website!



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