Ellie Goulding
Sexy Fit Vegan of the Month July 2015

Ellie Goulding Sexy Fit Vegan of the Month July 2015

The Amazing Ellie Goulding Named Sexy Fit Vegan of the Month!

July’s Sexy Fit Vegan of the month is one of my favorite artists from the music industry, my girl Ellie Goulding, who became a vegan at the beginning of 2014. I fell in love with Ellie over four years ago when I first heard her song Guns & Horses. There is just something about her music that I truly connect with. Her lyrics are honest and raw and while they are deep, mostly dealing with the ups and down of love, there is always a positive vibe to them. In a way, it’s almost like her songs represent how dramatic and insane us girls can be when we are in love and while they can make you cry, they also make you laugh at yourself. Her songs have been a HUGE inspiration for me and I am such a big fan! Learning more about her as a person, only solidified this fact as she is truly awesome all around! So here are the reasons why I chose Ellie…

1. She gives back. Ellie constantly partners and contributes to multiple charities including, Free The Children, Band Aid 30 and the British Heart Foundation. She not only donates her money, but also her time which can be even more valuable sometimes.

2. She’s super active. Like myself, she loves running and her goal is run at least 6mi a day and she runs several charity races throughout the year. She’s pretty fast too! She would definitely give me a run for my money as she finished a half-marathon recently in 1:41…I think my best time is 1:45 ┬áso she’s got me beat! She also practices yoga and trains with professional boxers which is so sick!

3. She’s got amazing style. Ellie is always dressed to kill even when she’s in chill mode. She’s effortlessly cool and has her own look that she owns! I always love seeing what she’s wearing on the red carpet but also when she’s on stage. She’s not afraid to show off her amazing bod but does it in a way that comes across as sexy and confident.

4. She’s down to earth. While Ellie has accomplished so many amazing things in her short career including performing at the reception of Prince William, she maintains a quirkiness, realness, and friendliness that makes her seem like she’s just like the rest of us. She comes across as being very approachable and seems like she would be so much fun to hang out with, which is why I believe her fans are so loyal.

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